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Other than Week One and Thanksgiving, all Thursday night games will be televised exclusively by Amazon, for the first time ever.

The 15-game schedule includes 29 teams, with the Titans showing up twice. The schedule, as expected, includes all 14 playoff teams from 2021.

The only teams omitted from the Amazon schedule are the Giants, Vikings, and Lions.

The Cowboys usually play on the Thursday after Thanksgiving. This year, that honor goes to the Patriots and Bills, both of whom play on Thanksgiving this year. The Cowboys will play with a five-day break in Week 17, visiting the Titans after playing on Christmas Eve.

Here’s the full slate:

Week Two: Chargers at Chiefs.

Week Three: Steelers at Browns.

Week Four: Dolphins at Bengals.

Week Five: Colts at Broncos.

Week Six: Commanders at Bears.

Week Seven: Saints at Cardinals.

Week Eight: Ravens at Buccaneers.

Week Nine: Eagles at Texans.

Week 10: Falcons at Panthers.

Week 11: Titans at Packers.

Week 13: Bills at Patriots.

Week 14: Raiders at Rams.

Week 15: 49ers at Seahawks.

Week 16: Jaguars at Jets.

Week 17: Cowboys at Titans.

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