Amy Schumer Tells Another Joke That Wasn’t Allowed At the Oscars


Amy Schumer Netflix is a Joke

Amy Schumer is opening her comedy vault — she just laid out another joke that Oscars honchos apparently said no to … and this one’s on video.

The comedian revealed her latest axed bit during a set for the ‘Netflix Is a Joke’ festival going on right now — and at one point in her performance, she laid out what exactly it was that showrunners weren’t really feeling from AS’s pitched material.

Watch … it’s a gag that incorporates a bunch of the nominated films to make a sex joke about her husband. You can watch it for yourself — we’ll just say, it ends in pregnancy.

Whether it was funny or not … well, that sorta depends on who you’re asking, it seems. The joke seemed to land well for the live audience that received it — they were laughing it up when she delivered it — but if you go peep how folks online are taking it … it ain’t good.

This harkens back to last month when Amy revealed yet another joke she claims was scrapped … which was about Alec Baldwin, something most folks didn’t see much humor in.

The Baldwin joke wasn’t caught on tape — she talked about it during a stand-up show of hers in Vegas, where people’s phones were locked away … but it was reported on nonetheless. Whether any of these jokes were actually on the table is also anyone’s guess.

She could just be making these up now/working them into her current set … who knows. Either way, what did end up making it into her monologue that night worked extremely well. You’ll recall … she roasted everybody under the sun and got a great response at the time.

So, on the issue of funny or not … it’s clear Amy’s got the gift. Carry on, people!

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