April NPD: Switch Has Overtaken PS4 Sales In The US


SwitchImage: Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch continues to sell like hot cakes, despite reports of a 20% decrease YoY from Nintendo’s own financial report. Now, the hybrid console has reached another remarkable milestone by surpassing the total sales of the PS4 in the US.

This means that the Switch is now the fourth best selling console in the US, behind the PS2, the Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s own Wii.

Nintendo forecasts a further 21 million global sales for the Switch in FY2023, so there’s every chance that US sales in particular may help the Switch inch up the ladder even further.

Despite such a great milestone, there are signs that the Switch has passed its peak, so we took a look into what might be happening with the potential release of a successor.

What you do make of this incredible new milestone for the Switch? Let your thoughts be known in the comments below!

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