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Banana Republic: 46% off Friends And Family (52% off for cardmembers)

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Banana Republic: 40% off + Extra 10% off w/ BRFAMILY

Note: GAP inc Cardmembers get 52% off with the extra 20% off code BRCARD20 at checkout. BR, Gap or Old Navy credit cards should all work. 

This may be the new normal. Whereas BR’s Friends and Family used to be 50% off with few exclusions, this time around it’s 46% off with noticeably more exclusions. Between quickly rising production costs, inflation, and supply chain unpredictability reducing supply, there are a ton of economic headwinds for retailers right now. So while 46% off is quite nice (40% off + an additional 10% off that discounted price w/ the code BRFAMILY), they might not be able to make the margins quite as razor thin if: A. They don’t have the usual stock to sell, and B. Those increased production & shipping costs make it untenable to do so.

Style wise, BR recently did a pretty big refresh, focusing on their heritage. Meaning: “attainable luxury” styled goods that lean into globetrotting. Think James Bond meets Indiana Jones. Sounds pretty good, right? 40% off discount is automatic. Don’t forget to use BRFAMILY for the extra 10% off at checkout. Off we go with the picks.

Traveler Pant in Slim or Athletic Tapered – $53.19 ($98.50)

Banana Republic: 46% off Friends And Family (52% off for cardmembers)

Athletic tapered too! Yay! 4.7/5 stars after 2300+ reviews. They’re a jean style chino made with high-recovery Italian stretch cotton. Comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, only in chino like colors & finish. Lots of colors to pick from. Full review here. Also available in a traditional chino-style with the welt pockets at the side and rear. Although those are priced a touch higher.

Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans in Slim Fit or Athletic Tapered – $69.66 ($129)

Banana Republic Slim Luxe Traveler Jeans

Hooray for it being dark-wash jeans season again. And these dark wash jeans from Banana Republic are really, really good. Size shown above is a 33×30 on 5’10″/190. So what’s the difference between these “luxe” traveler jeans and the traveler jeans they had been making forever? They do wear the same and look pretty similar, but the fabric has been changed from cotton/poly/stretch blend, to something different: 44% cotton, 42% Tencel, 13% polyester, 1% elastane. Still super stretchy, but these are even softer. Yet they still look like jeans. To me, they’re an improvement over the original.

Corduroy Trucker Jacket in “Utility Blue” or Navy – $80.46 ($149)

BR Corduroy trucker jacket

Dang that looks great. A deep, dark navy cord. Snap front with patch pockets. Could be a real winner for the transitional period between late summer and true-fall (when it gets downright cold).

Organic Soft Wash Henley T-Shirt – $26.73 ($49.50)

BR Organic Soft Wash Henley T-Shirt

Fall = henleys. Classic, masculine, and looks good on everyone. Wear it on its own with jeans, or layer up under cardigans, truckers, etc.

Slim Italian Wool Suit Jacket & Matching Trouser = $306.72 ($568)

BR Slim Italian Wool Suit

Kinda surprised these aren’t excluded. Because there are a LOT of exclusions in this sale. But here we are. 99% wool / 1% Elastane from the Italian mill Marzotto. Sold as separates so you can mix and match your sizes. Trousers come pre-hemmed. A Spier or Suitsupply suit will always be more high quality, but BR’s Italian wool suit separates are great for guys on a budget and a tight timeline. You can get it fast, and as long as it fits pretty decent off the rack, you might be able to skip the tailor. Can’t say that for Spier or Suitsupply, which have trousers which come with unfinished hems (which is traditional in the suiting industry).

Slim-Fit Tech-Stretch Cotton Shirt – $48.33 ($89.50)

Slim-Fit Tech-Stretch Cotton Shirt

Basic, smooth button downs. Not thick oxford cloth, but instead their “tech stretch” blend of 57% cotton, 40% COOLMAX polyester, 3% spandex. Should work great for layering under sweaters, sportcoats, etc. Full review here.

Brushed Waffle-Knit T-Shirt – $37.53 ($69.50)

BR Brushed Waffle-Knit T-Shirt

More fall basics. Brushed inside and out for softness, with a familiar thermal like waffle knit. Tons of colors.

Authentic Supima T-Shirt in Stripe – $21.60 ($40)

BR Authentic Supima T-Shirt in Stripe

Really hard not to like stripes. And the navy base option looks really good here, styled with that pair of 5-pockets. Which… I think is the Traveler Pants? I think?

Authentic Supima T-Shirt Hoodie – $32.13 ($59.50)

BR Authentic Supima T-Shirt Hoodie

If you like hoodies, but don’t like how heavy and frumpy a traditional French Terry fabric hoodie can make you look… then here’s your hoodie.

Winstan Leather Sneaker – $79.92 ($148)

Banana Republic Winstan Leather Sneaker

If Air Force 1s and the Nike Killshot had a baby. A baby sold by Banana Republic.

Supima Shawl-Collar Cardigan – $69.66 ($129)

Banana Republic Supima Shawl-Collar Cardigan

For those that want a chunky house sweater, but prefer cotton on their skin and/or don’t want to pay $200 for the Spier wool option. (Not that you can get those anymore. They sold out!)

Organic Twill Chore Coat – $69.66 ($129)

Banana Republic Organic Twill Chore Coat

Chore coats are surprisingly great. Even if you’re a long time hold out on them (like I was), this is worth a try. They’re great to have around when a cardigan seems too heavy, yet you’re in short sleeves and you could use an extra layer. 100% organic cotton. Garment dyed then washed for softness.

Luxury Touch Performance V-Neck T-Shirt – $21.33 ($39.50)

BR Luxury Touch Performance V-Neck T-Shirt

No direct experience with these, but the online reviews are promising. Guessing they feel at least a little similar to the super smooth, almost silk-like, 100% cotton Luxe Touch Polos? Available in white, navy, gray, or black.

Herringbone Wool Scarf – $37.53 ($69.50)

BR Herringbone Wool Scarf

Probably not scarf season in your neck of the woods. Heck, it’s almost certainly not scarf season in anyone’s neck of the woods. But if you like scarf season… it’s fun to dream.

Core Temp Chinos – $52.92 ($98)

BR Core Temp Chinos

Lightweight, flexible, breathable, smooth, and suuuper comfortable. Great year round, wheelhouse chinos. Yes they excel in the heat of summer, but many of us wear these all 12 months of the year.

Italian Merino V-Neck or Crew Neck Sweaters – $48.33 ($89.50)

BR Italian Merino sweaters

The Italian wool BR uses in their annual crop of basic fall/winter sweaters is always really, really nice. Warm without being stuffy. Soft without costing cashmere levels. V-necks have limited colors at post time. But the crewnecks, as shown above, come in a LOT of colors this year. V-necks not so much.

Merino V-Neck Sweaters in Responsible Wool – $37.53 ($69.50)

BR Merino V-Neck Sweaters in Responsible Wool

Kinda weird that they’d sell both these “Responsible” Merino V-Necks… and the already mentioned Italian option. So are those “irresponsible?” Almost certainly not, but these DO have more colors, and carry with them a certification from the Responsible Wool Standard.

Organic Traveler Jogger – $53.19 ($98.50)

BR Organic Traveler Jogger

For #teamjogger. 98% cotton/2% elastane Italian fabric, just like their traveler 5-pocket pant.

Garment Washed Supima Pocket T – $19.71 ($36.50)

Banana Republic Authentic Supima Crew-Neck T-Shirt

A new favorite when it comes to basics. Uses American grown Supima cotton. Garment Dyed for that vintage look without being, y’know, a ratty old vintage t-shirt. All pima cotton in a tight weave leaves the fabric and the wearer feeling (I think the word is) “crisp.” This is NOT some wispy tri-blend, slub, or overly squishy/smushy feeling tee. But it’s not a heavyweight beefy tee either. Just right. Pocket at the chest keeps things from looking too “undershirty.” Tons of colors to pick from. Shown above is a machine washed and dried Medium on 5’10″/190. It’s actually pretty smooth in person/not in harsh direct sun.

Hadley Italian Leather Brogue – $85.32 ($158)

BR Hadley Italian Leather Brogue

Brogues Brogues Brogues! 4.5/5 stars after 200+ reviews. Are they gonna be the nicest shoes you ever buy? Probably not. Are they gonna look pretty darn good and can you wear the heck out of them without being overly worried about messing them up? You bet. Available in three different colors.

Hinto Italian Leather Bluchers – $85.32 ($158)

BR Hinto Italian Leather Bluchers

And Bluchers. Sometimes you don’t want the wing and broguing. But instead, just want a super simple, incredibly versatile blucher (not oxford) shoe that you can wear with just about everything.

Responsible Merino Half Zip Sweater – $42.93 ($79.50)

Responsible Merino Half Zip Sweater

Obligatory half-zip merino sweaters. Five colors to pick from.

Slim Performance Stretch Wool Dress Pant – $63.72 ($118)

BR Slim Performance Stretch Wool Dress Pant

Back to the office. 99% wool, 1% elastane. AND they’re sold in various inseam sizes, so you can skip the tailor with these. Wear it with a polo and some bluchers (like the Hinto) to channel your inner dressed-down Cary Grant.

Reversible Leather Dress Belt – $35.10 ($65)

Reversible Leather Dress Belt

This is a very smart idea. Yes they offer the standard black to dark brown reversible combo that many other brands do. But they ALSO offer a cognac to chocolate brown option. Which is brilliant, since most of us spend more time in various shades of brown shoes, not just black and dark brown anymore.

Honeycomb Cardigan Sweater – $69.66 ($129)

BR Honeycomb Cardigan Sweater

That washed, steely-leaning-but-not-quite shade of blue is getting a lot of run across a lot of brands this year. Honeycomb texture. 100% cotton.

Large Zip-Top Tote Bag in Camo – $32.13 ($59.50) or Brown – $37.53 ($69.50)

BR Zip-Top Tote

Why is the brown ten dollars more at full retail? No idea. Beats me. But they are great bags for grocery store trips, an extra bag for weekend getaways, etc.

Rapid Movement Chinos in Aiden Slim or Athletic Tapered – $52.92 ($98)

BR Rapid Movement Chinos

BR’s flagship chino. NOT the core temp. A little more substantial feeling, which some guys prefer. 90% cotton, 8% poly, 2% elastane. Lots of colors.

“Nicklas” Leather Sneakers – $69.12 ($128)


BR’s take on the clean white sneaker. Much more subtle branding than compared to a Stan Smith, thanks to tonal embossing. White sneakers aren’t just for warm weather. They “pop” next to dark wash jeans, cords, and other cool to cold weather stuff too.

Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt – $42.93 ($79.50)

Slim-Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Because sometimes you just need an affordable dress shirt in a crisp white or sharp pale blue.

Italian Leather Belt – $32.13 ($59.50)

BR Italian leather belt

Gets mentioned a lot for good reason. Think of it as a nicer, slightly dressier version of the (also mentioned a lot) GAP basic belts.

Water-Resistant Mac – $107.45 ($249)

Banana Republic Water-Resistant Mac

Dead simple. Already on sale and drops further with the F&F discount. Not insulated. Good for fall and/or warmer climates. Cotton/Nylon fabric with a water resistant finish akin to waxed canvas, which’ll make it look more casual. If you want something dressier but still not wool and not insulated, try the non-waxed, BR Factory option instead.

Merino Sweater Polo in Responsible Wool – $42.93 ($79.50)

BR Merino Sweater Polo in Responsible Wool

The long sleeve polo, especially in sweater form, is having a nice renaissance. Wear it under a blazer or suit jacket on days you don’t want to tuck a shirt in.

Hemp-Cotton Shawl-Collar Cardigan Sweater – $91.26 ($169)

Hemp-Cotton Shawl-Collar Cardigan Sweater

Another alternative in case you missed out on the Spier merino shawl collars. 63% hemp, 37% cotton. So not wool. But half the price of the Spier, and you get a chunky cable knit with this one.

New WATERSHED Mill Valley Denim Jeans – $64.26 ($119)

BR WATERSHED Mill Valley Denim Jeans

BR’s new denim fabric. But with the Luxe Traveler jeans selling so well, kinda wondering what the point of differentiation is with this new line. And there’s got to be one. Fabric mix is: 86% organic cotton, 5% recycled cotton, 5% recycled polyester, 4% lycra. So I’m guessing (and this is a guess) that it’ll feel a little more “jean like”/traditional compared to the Luxe Traveler? Yet they claim they’re “high stretch.” Maybe something like their Legacy Jeans? But they’re still selling those. Total guess there. Anyway, lots of fits and washes. Many of us will be sticking with the Luxe traveler.

The Banana Republic 40% off Friends and Family Sale (52% off for Cardmembers) runs through this Monday, 9/20.

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