Besides Skiibii And Buju, Which Other Artiste Is Carried By Features? » Naijaloaded
besides skiibii and buju, which other artiste is carried by

Besides Skiibii And Buju, Which Other Artiste Is Carried By Features? » Naijaloaded


Features happen all the time and there’s a good reason for that.

While some artists do collaborations to augment their already okay songs, many of the artists in the industry today simply cannot do it on their own.

Some people have even called Wizkid such an artist because of the success of “Essence” saying he couldn’t have done it without Tems. Now that’s just nonsense. Wizkid has done a lot in the industry on his own.

However, there are actually some artists today that the only tracks from them that people know are the ones they featured someone on or the ones they are featured on.

Take for instance an artist like Skiibii. Think about all of his songs that are popular from “Ah Skiibii” with Olamide to “Sensima” with Reekado Banks up to the recent “Baddest Boy” hit with Davido.

He’s just nothing without those features. Remove those collaborations from his career, and he basically won’t even have any relevance.

Another of such artist is Buju. Even though he’s tried to do a lot of stuff on his own, there’s just no denying that he is what he is today because of the features.

Imagine songs like “Mood,” “Feeling,” “Bling,” “Cold Outside” and “Finesse” don’t exist. Buju wouldn’t even have a career to begin with. He owes all he has today to the artists who have featured him on their songs. That’s what has carried him so far.

I believe there’s more artists like that out there, who would not amount to anything significant in the industry without the collaborations.

Now the question is 👇🏼

Besides Skiibii And Buju, Which Other Artist Do You Know That Is Carried By Features?

Do you know anyone else?
Drop a comment below.

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