Bizarre Custom-Built Cars That You Can Really Drive
bizarre custom built cars that you can really drive

Bizarre Custom-Built Cars That You Can Really Drive

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A.T Bianco: This is our first car of the day, and I kind of want one of these: a Teslonda. It’s like if you gave a V-8 engine to Fred Flintstone and told him to power his Flintmobile. So, this one is from creator Jim Belosic, and he managed to get it to go 0 to 60 in just 2.48 seconds. And that’s quicker than the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Huracán, which are both clocked in at 2.5 seconds.

Dan Gessner: For anyone wondering how he pulled it off with just one Tesla motor, it’s all about weight. The Teslonda, it looks like, comes in at around 2,400 pounds. That’s about half as much as any Model S you’ll find.

A.T: This car also has a 1990s-video-game-style dashboard displaying the best 0-to-60 times as high scores, which is just the best feature ever, I think. Dan, are you ready for my favorite car?

Dan: I’m ready.

A.T: I just took out a loan for this one yesterday, and it’s the one and only Barbie car with a dirt-bike engine. I’d just love to see the loan application that says “Malibu Barbie dream car” on it. How fast do you think this thing can go?

Dan: I’m guessing 40 to 45 at best.

A.T: It can actually drive up to 70 miles per hour. And these two friends that we see in the video here, Edwin and Ethan, they made this, and their reasoning was, “It just had to be done.” And I couldn’t agree more. It’s truly a beautiful work of art. The Barbie car is made out of a used go-kart to make room for its rubber tires. They had to make a wide-body kit out of $5 paint buckets from Walmart.

Dan: I’ll skip all the obvious jokes. I just love that they moved the engine from the rear of this car to the front.

A.T: Our next extreme car was named world’s longest car by Guinness World Records, and interestingly enough, it’s a limo from Dezerland Auto Park in Florida. Now, Dan, imagine this. Imagine driving a limo with 26 wheels, room for 75 people, a putting green for golf, a pool, and to top it all off, a helicopter pad. What are your thoughts on this?

Dan: First of all, I have no idea what street you could actually turn this thing on without at least scratching a hubcap, let alone causing a major accident. Also, 75 people in a car?

A.T: It seems like it could get real stuffy in there. I’d be chilling back by the pool or the Jacuzzi or whatever it’s called. It looks pretty cool. So, this car was originally built by Jay Ohrberg and was the world’s longest vehicle in the 1980s. Michael Manning found the original vehicle rotting behind a warehouse in New Jersey back in 2019. He later partnered with Michael Dezer, and they restored this vehicle after buying it at an auction. And now, after two years of restoration, this car is back to full health.

Dan: I have to congratulate Michael for such a job well done rebuilding it. However, the Cadillac fan in me can’t help but see about a dozen Eldorados just massacred to build a limo you can’t really drive anywhere. I can appreciate the helipad, though.

A.T: The next one is pretty funny. Let’s start by both watching a video of this car in action.

Dan: I really just watched a BMW transform into an Autobot.

A.T: Yeah, I know, right? I was expecting Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox to come on screen and, yeah. This is a real-life Transformer here. It was made by a Turkish company called Letvision, and it took eight months to complete. It’s named Letrons, and it was built successfully using a real BMW, which I find super interesting.

Dan: I mean, just tell me it’s not drivable.

A.T: So, at the time of this video, the car wasn’t drivable in traffic yet and functioned using a remote control. But the company did say that it might be possible to drive it if it had an electric engine.

Weighing in at 6,100 pounds with a 400-horsepower engine, made from nothing but semitruck parts and a motorcycle handle, we have the Semi Trike. Dan, would you drive this thing on an interstate?

Dan: I would definitely take it for a spin down the highway. I just don’t know if I have room for it in my garage. That hood alone is, what, 11, 12 feet long?

A.T: The original semitruck hood made it into a canopy over the driver, as you can see there, you know, just in case you get a little rain, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, something like that, you got the nice hood overhead.

Our most extreme car is last but definitely not least. And it’s the Bugatti Chiron made out of Legos, built by Lego Technic power function and pneumatic systems. The team over at Lego spent more than 13,000 hours making this. That means they spent around two years building this thing together.

Dan: Yeah, I think the most time I ever spent on a Lego set when I was younger was two hours.

A.T: They didn’t even have any directions, which is crazy. They used over 1 million Legos to build the frame, and 90% of the car is built with Lego elements. And they even replicated the curved surfaces that are found featured on the original Chiron. So, Dan, as the car enthusiast here, how accurate do you think it looks in comparison to the actual Chiron?

Dan: I actually have been a fan of this since Lego revealed it several years ago. Its design details are extremely accurate, and I’m already a sucker for model cars. However, model car isn’t even accurate, since you can actually drive it. It’s got a full-sized engine inside made entirely out of Legos. Now, it may only make 5.3 horsepower for a top speed of about 18 miles per hour, but who needs a 1,500-horsepower hypercar when you can say you’ve been behind the wheel of a real-life Lego car?

A.T: And that was “A Gearhead’s Dozen.” We’ll see you next time.

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