Bre Tiesi Reveals Her Baby With Nick Cannon Needed ‘Respiratory Support’ After Birth: ‘I Noticed He Wasn’t Crying’
bre tiesi reveals her baby with nick cannon needed ‘respiratory

Bre Tiesi Reveals Her Baby With Nick Cannon Needed ‘Respiratory Support’ After Birth: ‘I Noticed He Wasn’t Crying’

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi announced on Monday they had welcomed their son, Legendary, but according to what the socialite has shared in her latest YouTube video, their baby boy needed “respiratory support” shortly after his birth due to some slight complications. In the 11-minute video posted to her official account, Bre explained how Legendary was born with a “long crown,” caused by a nuchal hand when babies have their hand up by their ear during birth.

“I noticed he wasn’t crying,” she wrote. The 31-year-old explained how she relied on assistance from her midwife Robyn, who provided the baby with “respiratory support” before Legendary eventually let out his first cry — which Bre described as “the best sound I ever heard.”

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Bre added additional footage from her son’s first visit to the doctor, where she was told that Legendary was in an absolute healthy condition, undoubtedly relieving the model after spending 10 hours in labor and at one point beginning to fear she wouldn’t have the strength and courage to deliver the baby. Still, while the birth wasn’t all that easy for Bre, she insisted that the experience was “the most limit-pushing/painful moment yet completely empowering and beautiful.”

“The intensity of birth takes over your whole body and I swear I was pushing so hard screaming and crying I started to break,” she added. “I started doubting I could do it I kept saying why won’t he come, get him out.”

She went on to thank her team for providing her with endless support in helping her feel at ease as she geared up to welcome her firstborn, while also sharing a few sentimental words about Nick, who had flown across the country to be present for the special occasion.

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“At a certain point I had left my body I didn’t remember a lot of my birth until my team sat with me to process my birth which I felt was soo healing and helpful,” she said before thanking the “Wild ’N Out” star for being an “amazing partner” throughout the process of gearing up to birth their son.

Though the pair only shared the news of their baby’s arrival on Monday, Legendary was actually born on June 28 and weighed eight pounds and 10 ounces, with a height of 21 inches. As for how he’s doing now, almost one month after his birth, Bre expressed that her baby was doing “perfect.”

Bre and Nick revealed that they were expecting a baby back in January, which is the eighth child of the “Drumline” actor. He also shares twins Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife Mariah Carey, Golden and Powerful with Brittany Bell, twins Zion and Zillion with Abby De La Rosa, and baby Zen with Alyssa Scott. Zen died of brain cancer just five months after his birth.

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