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Although the atmosphere in Quito remains relatively calm, tension is growing in cities like Cuenca due to shortages and the state of siege to which it has been subjected since the start of the strike.

The president of the Conaie, Leonidas Iza, along with other indigenous leaders and protesters march in the Historic Center of Quito, on June 27, 2022.

The leadership of the indigenous movement assures that the government’s decision on fuel was taken unilaterally and that the strike continues.

The president of the Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, assured in Ecuavisa that he trusts that the dialogue between the Government and Conaie will be successful , after a rapprochement between the two parties was registered in Quito over the weekend.

The Government calculates that the measures taken during the stoppages exceed USD 600 million in benefits for citizens. Only the review of the price of Extra, Eco and diesel gasoline will cost the Government USD 226 million per year.

  • Meeting begins between leaders of the indigenous movement and state authorities

    The president of the Conaie, Leonidas Iza, together with the leaders of the other political organizations that promote the national strike that began 15 days ago, participate in a meeting with the authorities of all the powers of the Ecuadorian State.

    The meeting began around 3:30 p.m. with the intervention of Iza, who opened her intervention with a calm tone and recalled in detail the 10 points raised by the indigenous movement as a condition to cease the national mobilization.

  • Indigenous people agree to meet with representatives of all State functions

    Around 12:15, Conaie began a march from the El Arbolito park to the Historic Center of Quito.

    The purpose of this demonstration is to advance to the Plaza de Santo Domingo and then go to the House of Culture, while the leaders will go to the Basilica of the National Vote, where a meeting with representatives of the all state functions.

    While this march towards its deployment through the Historic Center of Quito, the Coanie, Feine and Fenocin, spread a message in which they confirmed their acceptance to participate in a dialogue with representatives of the five powers of the State “we will promote results for the agenda of 10 points, we call our mobilized bases to be on vigil”.

    The intention, they point out, is “to channel technical and efficient spaces so that the demands of the 10-point national agenda have results and are guaranteed.”

  • The tension escalates in Cuenca

    Cuenca woke up this Monday with new road closures, markets without supplies, public transport at half service and the expectation that Extra gasoline will begin to arrive at service stations.

    One of the sources of tension is in the El Arenal market, the main supply center in Cuenca located to the southwest of the city. The 2,500 sellers of that market decided to join the demonstrations against the Government.

    But his request focuses on the demonstrators who are located on the Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme road to allow the passage of the trucks that left the Coast with products.

    The lack of products for sale exacerbated the spirits of the merchants, to the point that they organized a demonstration outside the El Batán shopping center, located about two blocks from the aforementioned market, to force it to close its doors.

    They are against the idea that Coral Hypermarkets, the supermarket that exists in this shopping center, does not suffer from a shortage as deep as that of conventional markets.

    Then, the mob headed for another Coral Hipermercados store, located at the southern entrance of the city for the same purpose. The march was through the avenue of the Americas, the main perimeter of Cuenca.

    That protest forced the closure of intersections to vehicular traffic, as well as businesses in the sector, fearing attacks by protesters.

    Due to this protest, the tram suspended its journey along this road and in the Historic Center. The urban buses resumed their service in the early hours of the morning, but it still does not work normally due to road closures.

    Meanwhile, the service stations await the release of Extra gasoline, since the Ecopaís, which is the fuel that is sold in Cuenca, ran out last week.

  • Reducing fuel prices “is insufficient” for Conaie

    The leadership of the indigenous movement indicates that the government’s decision on fuel was taken unilaterally and that the strike continues.

    The government’s decision to reduce the price of Extra, Ecopaís and diesel fuels is “insufficient and insensitive” for the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie).

    In a statement, the indigenous leadership assured that the reduction of USD 0.10 per gallon of Extra and Ecopaís gasoline, in addition to diesel, was taken unilaterally, although it recognized that the announcement is a sign that the indigenous struggle is yielding results .

    The price of gasoline will drop from USD 2.55 to USD 2.45 per gallon , while the price of diesel will drop from USD 1.90 per gallon to USD 1.80, starting on Tuesday, June 28.

    He adds that their fight will not cease and that they have suffered ” serious human rights violations ” with the death of five people in the context of the national strike.

  • Carrillo: There are 77 roads closed in the country

    The Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, took stock of the national strike, which since Saturday, June 25, has reduced its intensity.

    According to Carrillo, there are still 77 roads closed in the country . The average last week was 350 blocks.

    He added that there are around 1,500 active unemployed people , of the 8,000 that were registered during the second week of stoppages.

    “We have more than 175 injured police officers, 20 of them are hospitalized, 33 have been discharged and the rest are at home,” Carrillo said.

    He also stated that there were 28 acts of kidnapping of Police and Armed Forces agents. 

  • Latacunga gas stations filled with fuel

    On the night of Sunday, June 26, a convoy arrived in Latacunga to supply fuel to five gas stations in the city .

    The quota for each user was USD 10 to meet the demand.

    This caused long queues to form at the stations. One of them was supplied with 4,000 gallons of Extra gasoline and 1,000 of diesel, which was even sold to users in bins.

    However, on the morning of June 27, fuel shortages were already reported by users

  • Quito roads cleared

    The surroundings of the Central University, in the north center of Quito, woke up clear of demonstrators, on the 15th day of protests by the indigenous movement against the government of President Guillermo Lasso.

    In the Indoamerica square, known as a zone of peace , no incidents were recorded during the early hours of the morning of this Monday.

    However, a group of demonstrators gathers on Bolivia street , near the Faculty of Social Communication, to receive food.

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