Camp Cube 2-in-1 RV drops off camper pod to become a utility trailer
camp cube 2 in 1 rv drops off camper pod to become

Camp Cube 2-in-1 RV drops off camper pod to become a utility trailer

The Camp Cube separates two perform the functions of two trailers in one package

The cube seems to be the official camper shape of 2022. The new Australian-built Camp Cube continues the trend and may be the most practical version yet. A tiny trailer that functions more like a pickup camper, the Camp Cube features a unique dual-function design that gives owners a complete camper with hard-floor bathroom and full kitchen on weekends, and a cargo trailer during the week. The trailer’s boxy pod easily removes, freeing up a utility trailer that can be custom-equipped for carrying tools, supplies, or motorbikes and other toys.

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