Chicago Cubs Fans Get In Wild Brawl In Bleachers At Wrigley Field


Several Chicago Cubs fans tried to beat the hell out of each other in the bleacher seats at Wrigley on Tuesday night — and the wild scene was all captured on video!!

The melee went down at some point during the Cubs’ tilt with the White Sox … when, for some reason, Cubbies fans turned on each other and began whaling on each other.

In a clip of the fracas, shot by a bystander near the action, you can see as one fan had another pinned to the ground — another Cubs supporter was kicking another guy in the head.

Security rushed in to try to break things up — but that still didn’t stop one of the men from getting some extra punches in.

Eventually, the scrap was broken up … but, sadly for one fan, he said one of the combatants who was undoubtedly booted from the section was “my ride home!”

No word on if anyone suffered any injuries or if any arrests were made … but the fighting fans weren’t the only ones to take an L Tuesday night — the Cubs went on to lose, 3-1, too.

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