Churreria de Madrid in the Stanley Marketplace does churros right by focusing on nothing else
churreria de madrid in the stanley marketplace does churros right

Churreria de Madrid in the Stanley Marketplace does churros right by focusing on nothing else

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The way Churreria de Madrid arranges its food ensures that anyone strolling by will get a good, long look at their fried delights.

And long they are, arranged by flavor and resting on clear glass plates like funhouse-mirror tamales, sans cornhusks. These are adult churros, some filled with pastry cream, some with dulce de leche, some with fruit jelly. On my last visit to this 6-month-old addition to the Stanley Marketplace, at 2501 Dallas St. in Aurora, I hungered only for the svelte versions, the dough which is squeezed directly into the deep fryer.

Those are still relatively thick, perfectly crisp, lovingly dusted with sugar, and arranged like mutant-sized steak frites in a white paper cup. But they’re not so massive that I need two coffees during, and a nap afterward.

Formerly the home of Glazed & Confused Donuts (one of the few places that offered CBD varieties of that treat), the food stall now hosting Churreria de Madrid is respectful toward and focused on the traditional Spanish and Portuguese-sourced fried dough sticks — to the rare and heartening exclusion of all else.

Single churros, such as the thinner ones I mentioned, are only 85 cents. Filled churros are $2.75 each, while the churros-and-chocolate combo — the latter for dipping — is a reasonable $8. Along with the nearby barbecue, fried chicken, sushi and other cuisines at the Stanley, it’s a bit of geographical wanderlust under a single roof.

In fact, Churreria de Madrid is an offshoot of Maria Empanada, which also sits just around the corner, the Aurora Sentinel reported in December. Churreria is run by chef Jose Manuel Marquez, a native of Spain who was the kitchen manager at Maria Empanada for five years, the Sentinel’s Carina Julig wrote. We can tell.

Want to hang out there for a bit, as many folks do with their kids? They’ve also got patatas bravas (which many of us know from tapas menus), with a choice of cold and warm dipping sauces for the fried and seasoned potatoes, as well as a few fancy, non-alcoholic drinks.

Those are fine, I’m sure. But I go to Churreria de Madrid, whether on the way to my kids’ gymnastic classes or simply after lunch, for the sweet stuff. Soon I will go back to roam the menu, despite its intense brevity. I’ve never had the traditional, thick drinking chocolate ($4 per cup), which is a shame. That will likely change before the month is out.

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