DaBaby Charged with Felony Battery Over Alleged Music Video Attack



DaBaby is facing criminal charges for a beatdown a man claims he suffered for trying to stop the rapper’s entourage from shooting a music video on his property.

The rapper has been charged with felony battery by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office … over an incident from early December last year … which allegedly left a guy, Gary Pagar, with serious injuries.

There’s another man named Thankgod Awute who’s being charged as well. Prosecutors claim he was DaBaby’s cohort in crime … they hit him with felony robbery.

Pagar filed a lawsuit in February, claiming he was attacked for enforcing basic property rental rules at his place.

DaBaby and his team rented a massive pad that Pagar manages in L.A. … and Pagar says he was told it was going to be a vacation place for DB and his pals. Pagar says he made clear … there was a guest limit — no more than 12 — which he claims DaBaby’s management team agreed to in a rental agreement.

During their weeklong stay … Pagar says he became aware there were way more than 12 people at the property at any given time and complained to DaBaby’s team … getting assured, falsely he says, that they wouldn’t be there for long.

Eventually, on Dec. 2, he says he paid a visit himself and realized they were shooting a music video there with an entire film crew and a ton of other people around — upwards of 40, he says — and Pagar tried to shut the whole thing down by talking to DaBaby.

That’s when he claims he was attacked by someone in DB’s crew, part of which was caught on video. He says DB ordered the guy off of Pagar, but then allegedly sucker-punched him in the face, knocking out his tooth … this, per the lawsuit.

Sounds like Pagar went to the authorities after this, and now they’re coming down hard on DB and co. Tough few weeks for DaBaby — this is just the latest incident for him in a string of seemingly nonstop hiccups.

BTW, Jake Paul was randomly at this shoot … and the video appears to be one for an artist signed to DaBaby’s company, and he may have just been cameoing. Anyway, the video’s out.

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