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google updates its built in password manager for chrome and android

Delhi HC seeks Google’s stand on lawsuit against its policy by Winzo Games

The Delhi High Court Thursday sought the stand of Google on a lawsuit by an online gaming app against the search engine giant’s policy to allow only daily fantasy sports (DFS) and rummy games applications on its app store ‘Google Play’ while excluding all other games involving real money.
Justice Prathiba M Singh asked Google to file its response to the plea, seeking interim relief, and observed the issue of maintainability of the lawsuit before the intellectual property rights (IRP) division of the high court required further consideration.
Issue of net neutrality is also raised by the plaintiff. Accordingly, issue notice, the court said while dealing with the plea which also sought interim relief.
Senior counsel Amit Sibal, appearing for the plaintiff Winzo Games, said that the Google policy, which would roll out on September 28 as a pilot programme, amounted to unfair trade as it deliberately excluded its application, which also offered games of skill to users, along with severa

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