Doomtown: Weird West Report from Gen Con 2022
doomtown: weird west report from gen con 2022

Doomtown: Weird West Report from Gen Con 2022

With Gen Con 2022 now behind us, we’re delighted to share this recap of all things Doomtown from our good friends over at Pine Box Entertainment:

“Gen Con started with the annual meet and greet “Hogkillin’ Time” where players enjoyed casual games of the Revolver format, calling out folks until you’ve played all six factions. Fans got a first glimpse of the sample production of Doomtown: Weird West Edition along with the fancy deck box, poker chips, ghost rock, dealer badge coin, and instructional playmat add on. In the evening, the PBE team filmed an unboxing video revealing the full contents of this amazing next edition.

“The convention kicked off with sold out Greenhorn demo slots from our volunteers with additional learn to plays by our Lead Designer Richard Carter and his playtest team. Action continued with the Deadlands: Legend of the Weird West storyline event! Each participant played one of the Legend cards representing either a hero of the Weird West or a Servitor, ending in a special elimination bracket featuring the top players representing both sides to square off in a team format that resulted in the heroes surviving and prevailing over the reckoners’ minions and will be reflected in an upcoming Doomtown fiction piece.

“Finally, we had the Marshal Badge Championship won by Chase Causey! Chase brought justice to Deadwood against finalist Antonio Calderon in a classic Law Dogs v Outlaws matchup! Players then enjoyed casual games with newcomers eagerly awaiting upcoming fulfilment of Weird West Edition.”

Our thanks to Pine Box Entertainment for that exciting report, and please note that the pledge manager is still open, so be sure to preorder your copy of Doomtown: Weird West Edition today!

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