EVGA Terminates NVIDIA Partnership


EVGA is done making GPUs for NVIDIA, not only that, no more GPUs at all. GPUs are 80% of their revenue, (though not profit) so this will be a massive downsize. EVGA has no current plans to work with AMD or Intel for GPUs.
There will be NO EVGA 40 series cards on the market.
EVGA has felt Nvidia has treated them so poorly as of late, that they feel that this is not a financial decision, but a principle one. EVGA has no idea how much they are spending on chips until the MSRP is dropped, let alone the MSRP, making it impossible to engineer boards when costs, revenue, and profits are unknown and impossible to forecast. Founder edition cards from Nvidia cannibalize partners markets, and they are unable to compete on price, with partners already often losing money at MSRP making them unable to match price with nvidia.
Much of EVGA’s complaints match the same complaints other OEMs have been making that many of us have heard through rumors. Many times partners like EVGA learn about things when the press does, such as performance even, as they do not get drivers.




GN: Does EVGA intend to return to Nvidia for the 50-series? or will it completely stop making video cards?

EVGA: no. Completely stop

Existing customers will continue to get support, and EVGA is withholding some boards as RMA replacements and for warranties. But once they sell through inventory this year, Thats it, No more EVGA video cards.



My thoughts

I have been an EVGA fanboy for a long time, I have only purchased GPUs from them since the 9600 GSO, which locked me into Nvidia. I dont know where I will be sourcing my GPUs from now on. 





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