FlexGen launches modular C&I battery
flexgen launches modular c&i battery

FlexGen launches modular C&I battery

FlexGen, a US-based storage system integrator, has launched a new modular battery solution for the commercial and industrial market. The FlexPod energy storage system combines lithium iron phosphate batteries, a power conversion system, and HVAC in a single container solution, with a range of configurations.

FlexGen, a US battery energy storage system integrator, has launched a new suite of products for distributed and behind-the-meter applications. The FlexPod battery energy storage system (BESS) products are fully containerized, modular, scalable and come in a range of sizes to fit every project.

All of FlexGen’s FlexPods include lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, power conversion electronics, thermal management, and fire suppression in a single container solution. Each FlexPod is enabled with the company’s proprietary energy management software, HybridOS, which is said to enable advanced functionality, simplicity in operation, and adaptability over time.

The FlexPod BESS comes in 920 kW, 1,200 kW, and 1,500 kW power configurations, with 920 kWh, 1.2 MWh or 1.5 MWh of battery capacity in 20-foot containers. The DC nameplate capacity is 920 kWh, 1200 kWh, or 1,500 kWh. In addition, there is a 2-hour and a 4-hour solution starting at 125 k.W

The systems’ auxiliary consumption at 1C charge/discharge stands at 20 kW, 21 kW, and 22 kW. With UL9540 pending, FlexPods is said to safely operate in a wide temperature range from -30 C to 45 C, and in altitudes below 2,000 meters.

The company said the benefits of its FlexPods include advanced capabilities to manage power quality, “out- of-the-box” integration with solar, advanced microgrid functionality, black start function, and integration with EV charging infrastructure. Earlier this year, FlexGen launched an electric vehicle charging solution that combined its energy management system platform and battery energy storage.

“Commercial and Industrial businesses need scalable, flexible energy solutions now more than ever. This is a sector that is bearing the brunt of energy inflation and the high costs of fossil fuels right now,” said Kelcy Pegler, CEO of FlexGen. “We’re committed to delivering solutions that allow our customers to meet the full-range of operational and commercial demands today, while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.”

The North Carolina-based company recently raised $100 million in a Series C funding round led by Rotterdam-based energy trader Vitol. In December 2021, the company was contracted to provide software and integration services for a massive 2.1 GWh battery storage rollout by Ameresco across three sites in southern California.

Since its founding in 2009, FlexGen has installed more than 3 GWh of energy storage systems across the United States for utility, microgrid, and C&I customers.

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