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Foods that are spiritualized are just the tip of the iceberg

So, when plant-based foods are offered to God and accepted
by Him, all the karma from the killing of the fruits, vegetables, seeds and
grains are removed from your actions and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

In life, we are faced with many other qualities, be they
good or bad, and all created by God.

We are faced with intelligence, knowledge, freedom from
doubt and delusion, forgiveness, self-control and calmness, pleasure and pain,
birth, death, fear and fearlessness, nonviolence, equanimity, austerity, fame
and infamy, and all are created by Him.

Putting all these into proper perspective is not that easy.
So, let’s take them one at a time.


This refers to the power of analyzing things in their proper


This refers to understanding what is spiritual and what is
matter. Having a college degree pertains
only to matter and has no reference to spirituality because there is never
education about spirituality and only material elements and bodily needs,
making that obtained knowledge incomplete.


This can only be achieved when one is not hesitant to
understand transcendental philosophy, which leads to not accepting things
blindly and accepting with care and caution.


Forgiveness takes practice by excusing the minor offenses of


This means that facts should be presented as they are for
the benefits of others and should not be misrepresented. According to social conventions, it is said
that one can speak the truth when it’s comfortable for others to hear. The
reality is that truthfulness should be spoken in a straight and forward way, so
that others will understand actually what the facts are. So, if someone is a
thief and people are warned of this, that is truth. Truthfulness demands that the facts be
presented as they are for the benefits of others.


For self-control, the senses should not be used for
unnecessary personal enjoyment. There is no prohibition against meeting the
proper needs of the senses, but unnecessary sense gratification is detrimental
for spiritual advancement and the mind should remain calm. Using your mind to
ponder over earning money is a misuse of the thinking power. The power of
thought should be developed is association with those that are authorities in
the scriptures, saintly persons and spiritual masters.


Pleasure or happiness should always be in that which is
favorable for the cultivation of spiritual knowledge or God consciousness. And, that which is painful or causes distress
is not at all favorable for God consciousness.


It only relates to the body in the material world, which is
temporary and not to the soul, which is eternal.


With fear, you worry about the future. But, if you are on a
spiritual platform and know that when
you leave the body you inhabit you will go back to the spiritual world you came
from, why would that be fearful? Fear is caused by our absorption in the
temporary illusory energy. But, fearlessness is only possible for one absorbed
in God consciousness.


Nonviolence means that one should not do anything which will
put others into misery or confusion. The material activities that are promised
by so many politicians, sociologists, philanthropists, etc., do not produce
very good results because they they have no transcendental or spiritual vision.
We, in the human form, are meant for spiritual realization so we can go back
where we came from and are the only form that bears karma.


Equanimity refers to freedom from attachment and or a strong
dislike. In the material world it is better to be detached and remain neutral.
The only true and sincere attachment is to God.

Once that happens, how can there be detachment?


One should not be in a state of mind to gather more material
goods. One should be satisfied with whatever is obtained by the mercy of
God. If not, frustration will become


Spiritually, real fame occurs when a person develops true
and sincere love for God. Without that, infamy takes over and the alleged “fame”
is temporary.

All this explains the difference between material and
spiritual life. Imagine all the successful and wealthy people that committed
suicide and how their lives would have changed had they developed a true love
for God.

When we, the spirt soul, leave our bodies we are subject to two reactions. Being a materialist would bring an unfortunate rebirth into another material form and not the human form for a long, long time. Why? because rebirth is based upon karma. Being a materialist invokes enormous karma.

Just think about leaving your body and taking rebirth in an ant body. Connecting with God guarantees to responses after leaving the body. One is going to the spiritual world and the other is taking rebirth in a human form in a family that is solid with God, which allows you to pick up where you left off had you not been solid in your attachment to Him.

Right now, you are probably saying or thinking that I am so full pf shit. My road wasn’t an easy one but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

There is a simple mantra to recite that will constantly
connect you to Him It is;

Gopala Govinda Rama Madana-Mohana. In English is means, “Dear Lord, please engage me in Your loving service”.

Please remember, when you offer your plant-based foods to Him, and even cooked to death dairy, He will accept it and all the karma associated with the killing of the fruits, vegetables, grains and seeds will be removed by Him. Then, you will have to consider your everyday actions to not encounter any other bad karma.

Short and sweet: Be IN the world, but not OF the world!


Scriptural Sources:

Bhagavad Gita As-It Is

The Nectar of Devotion

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