Former BISD trustee banned from all district properties
former bisd trustee banned from all district properties

Former BISD trustee banned from all district properties

A former Beaumont ISD trustee who was prohibited from setting foot on the Willie Ray Smith Middle School campus earlier this month is now banned from all district property, a BISD spokesman said Friday.

BISD police initially issued Terry Williams a trespass warning after investigating an “unacceptable and disruptive” incident at the school on Oct. 28. The district also prohibited him from attending any of the school’s extracurricular activities.

The district later served Williams a second time, banning him from all BISD property, said Ron Reynolds, BISD spokesman.

Williams was among the trustees removed by the state earlier this year for continuing chronic mismanagement of the district.

After the Smith homecoming football game at Babe Zaharias Stadium on Oct. 28, Wilbert Andrews Jr., the principal, followed the drill team bus back to the middle school because of an altercation between several parents, according to the police report of the incident.

Andrews left Shana Carr, curriculum coordinator, at the stadium to monitor students who were waiting on their rides. Officer Reginald Boseman was also at the stadium.

When Andrews returned to the stadium, he overheard Williams say something derogatory about him to Boseman, according to Andrews’ statement. According to Andrews, Williams said he should not have left Carr at the stadium alone to watch students “in this bad neighborhood.”

BISD did not provide Williams’ statement in response to a public information request.

Andrews approached Williams and asked him if he needed to “direct any concerns” to Andrews. Williams cursed at Andrews in a voice loud enough for Carr and the remaining students to hear. This was corroborated by statements from Carr and several students, whose names were redacted from the report.

In her statement, Carr said Williams told Andrews that “he can talk or say what the f— he wants to say.” The students started to walk toward the men, but Carr stopped them and told them to stay where they were.

At this point, Andrews told Boseman he wanted to file charges against Williams. Williams started to walk away from Andrews but turned back and pointed his finger at Andrews, who took a step backward, according to Carr’s statement.

When Carr escorted Williams to his truck, he told her he was upset because Andrews left her “alone in this neighborhood with kids.” Carr told Williams that he did not have to stay because she was safe with Boseman. Williams left.

“I am not the only female administrator in the school district,” Carr wrote in her statement. “There are many women who stay and wait with their students because it’s our job to do so, and we are capable of performing our job duties.”

Williams then returned to the stadium and asked Boseman to step out of his car. Williams asked him for a copy of Andrews’ statement and said he planned to retain a lawyer.

Williams returned to his truck, and Carr asked whether there was a way to settle the dispute without filing a police report because “BISD does not need anything in the media that is not positive,” she wrote in her statement. Williams asked her to step away from the car and left.

BISD police filed the report with the Beaumont Municipal Court, but no one has been charged based on the report, said Karen Kuesler, assistant to the city prosecutor.

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