Games that look visually "perfect" on Switch
games that look visually "perfect" on switch

Games that look visually “perfect” on Switch

It’s not a secret to anyone that, for a while now, Nintendo has the “weakest” piece of gaming hardware on the market. Instead of raw processing power, the company tries to attract consumers with new and unique functionality. However, hardware limitations never stopped developers from producing amazing looking games.

In today’s video, my goal is to highlight some of the best achievements on Switch from a visual standpoint. These are about games that managed to make a fantastic use of the hardware, to the point that they are a “perfect” fit for the hybrid console. You can check out the video down below.

In case you missed it, we posted a video last week talking about how Nintendo’s success may affect the future of Switch – give it a look here. Also, fans of Xenoblade Chronicles may want to check out our spoiler-filled discussion about the series, which is up here. And finally, head on over here for our thoughts as to whether or not Splatoon still feels fresh.

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