GetAugie Introduces the Augie Credit Card, a Free Credit Building Credit Card
getaugie introduces the augie credit card, a free credit building

GetAugie Introduces the Augie Credit Card, a Free Credit Building Credit Card

Your trusted companion in building credit for free


“Build credit history using your monthly bills without costs, fees, interest or debt using the Augie Credit Card all the while earning digital tokens that reduce the bills you pay.”

GetAugie Inc., a revolutionary payment platform that enables users to establish a positive, personal credit history from their existing monthly bills, today announced the launch of the Augie Credit Card, in addition to details of its new app and website.

Since first unveiling the program in late 2021, thousands of users have signed up for the Augie Credit Card wait list. Now with the launch of the Augie App, those users can begin to earn cash equivalent digital rewards, which can be used to offset monthly bills and eventually used for general spend on their Augie Credit Card. The Augie Credit Card, which is powered by the Mastercard network, offers several innovative features, including:

· No interest, no fees, and no penalties: The Augie Credit Card can be used by anyone who wants to establish credit history, improve credit, or learn how credit works. The card is completely free to use and does not require a credit check to qualify.

· Easy To Earn Rewards: Users of the Augie Credit Card automatically receive digital rewards when they sign up and when they engage with the reward program. The Augie digital rewards have real value that can be converted to dollars that can then be applied as a credit on their Augie Credit Card. This enables users to reduce their bills while also building positive credit history.

· Near-instant access: Cardholders can instantly access the Augie Credit Card and begin making purchases online, in-app and at the point of sale by directly adding it to their mobile wallet from the Augie App.

“A credit profile is one of the most important elements of financial inclusion. The existing methods of creating credit history leave millions without an option. We are on a mission to fix this. As more consumers look for ways to establish credit history without the burden of debt, the Augie Credit Card gives them a seamless and free path to do so,” said Amit Thakur, CEO GetAugie.

Consumers looking to start building a positive credit history for free, can do so by downloading the Augie App here:

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