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How to use 7-zip

What is 7-zip? 

How to use 7-zip

There are too many applications available on the internet which can be used for compression and archiving. Some of the popular applications are Winrar and Winzip but one of the most underrated applications for compression is 7-zip. Despite its effectiveness, it is pretty surprising how little people know about this software. 

Why should you use 7-zip? 

why should you use 7zip

7-zip is free and open-source software that helps you save storage in your system by compressing and archiving your files. It usually saves the file with a .7zip extension. Here are the reasons why you should use 7-zip: 

  1. It is a free application, so you won’t be charged.
  2. 7zip has one of the best compression ratios when it comes to the GZIP and ZIP format.
  3. 7-zip is free when it comes to distribution and download. This means you can use the software commercially.
  4. The software is available in 87 languages which means more people will be able to use it better.
  5. It is also compatible with all the architectures of Windows 7.
  6. The software uses an AES-256 file encryption system, so needless to say it doesn’t compromise on security. 

How to install 7-zip?

how to install 7zip
  1. Go to the 7-Zip website and look for the download link for the file.
  2. Check to see if your windows architecture version matches with the file that you are about to install.
  3. Once you click the download button, a window will appear which will ask you to select a directory where the application will be installed.

How to use 7-zip to create a zip file?

How to use 7-zip to create a zip file

Creating a compressed zip file is pretty smooth-sailing in 7-zip. All you have to do is select the files you want to compress and click on Add. Then make sure that all the files have the same directory. 

The add to archive window will appear where you will be able to save the name of the file under the archive tab. Make sure that you select the 7z format for the best compression ratio. The compression level determines the quality of compression. The store option will enable quick compression but optimum compression won’t be achieved. The ultra option, however, time taking it might be will save you the most space. 

Apart from the process of compression, you can also encrypt your file with a password. 7-zip also allows you to create sub-parts of the compressed file. 

Once compression is completed you can click on OK. Your archived file will be saved in the directory that you had chosen before the process began. 

How to use 7zip to unzip files?

how to use 7zip to unzip files

If you were wondering how to use 7-zip to extract here are the steps that you need to follow: 

  1. Select the files you want to extract and right-click on them.
  2. The 7-Zip menu appears and in that drop-down menu click on the Extract here option.
  3. Once the extraction window opens you will be able to see the progress of your files.
  4. Once the extraction is complete, your extracted files will appear in the same directory as your zip files. 

How to use 7zip on Windows 10? 

how to use 7zip on windows 10

If you are wondering how to use 7zip in a different operating system, then the process is not that different. All you need to do is to go to the home page of 7-zip and find the download link. The download window will ask you to select the architecture version. The architecture version should match the architecture version of your Windows 10 operating system. Once you have selected that, download the file. 

Once the file is downloaded, the icon will appear on the desktop. Open the icon to explore the 7-zip file manager. From there you can either select files to compress them or select existing compressed files to extract them. Your choice of the directory should be taken note of if you want to keep track of the processed files. 

How to use 7-zip to restore single files? 

How to use 7-zip to restore single files 

If you are at a fix regarding how to restore a subset of files from a zip file, then follow these directives. 

  1. Select a file with a zip extension and double-click on it. 
  2. The 7-zip file manager will list all the files in the compressed zip file. 
  3. Select the files that you want to restore and hold them to drag them to a local folder of your choice. 

How to use 7-zip to create a file with 7-Zip encryption?

If you were wondering how do I add files to 7-Zip with encryption then follow these guidelines: 

  1. Select the files that you want to encrypt.
  2. Once you right-click on the file, the 7-zip menu will appear and you can then move on to the add to archive option.
  3. Go to the archive format option and select the format of your choice. For best results, a 7-zip format is recommended. 
  4. The bottom right corner of the tab will have the encryption option. Click on that. 
  5. Once the window is open, enter a password and reenter it again to confirm it. 
  6. Select the encryption method to AES-256 since you had opted for the 7-zip file. There is also another option of using Zipcrypto, which is more appropriate for Zip files. 

How to open an encrypted 7z file? 

How to open an encrypted 7z file

An encrypted file in zip format is usually a password-protected file. To access that you will need a password. Right-click on the zip file and select Extract. A window will open, where you will be asked to provide the password. Instead of extract if you use the open option you will not be asked for the password until you try to access a document. Once the password is entered, the extraction will begin. 

How to use 7-zip to extract multiple files? 

How to use 7-zip to extract multiple files 

You can also extract multiple files at the same time. You can select all the files and then use the add to archive option in the drop-down menu. Then feed in the directory of where you want it to be archived. Once you click ok the compression will begin. 

What are the benefits of archiving or compressing files? 

what are the benefits of archiving

1. Save time 

One of the best uses of compressed files is how quickly they can be transferred from one system to another. It can also be uploaded to the cloud quicker than the original size because of its size. Such files will also save data if you are using your mobile device. It is also suitable for hosting files online, as you will have to download just one file. 

2. Saves space 

The vision behind 7-zip is that it makes the handling of larger files easier. If you are wondering how to use 7-zip to handle video content or .exe files then by compressing it you will be able to keep the same file, in a different format with reduced storage requirements. 

3. Privacy requirements 

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns today. This is why 7-zip with its AES-256 encryption allows your files to be protected from digital intrusion. This way sensitive data can be protected even when you are sending them online. 

4. Attachments 

One of the biggest problems with emails is that you cannot send file attachments that exceed a certain size. For this conundrum, compression is the easiest way to send files. If you as a recipient are wondering how to open a 7-z file then you just need to download 7-zip to access its contents. 

5. Economical 

With cloud-based storage being limited to a certain amount of free storage, and excess storage being expensive, compression can save you a lot of money in the long run. It is open-source and free which means that there is no money required to use this application.  

What are the drawbacks of compressing files? 

What are the drawbacks of compressing files 

1. Performance issues

Unpacking an archived file has a direct bearing on the speed of the system and the performance of the device in general. These issues can get aggravated if the process is running on an older system

2. Compatibility issues

People usually are at a loss when it comes to receiving zip files because their applications usually have limited potential when it comes to unzipping formats of compressed files. So when you are sending them the zipped file make sure that a link of 7-zip is also shared along with it.

3. Speed 

If you are in a hurry to access a file then a compressed file might not be the best option. To access that you need to go through an extraction process first. It is indeed a time-consuming affair. 

4. Virus issues 

People with a low level of threat elimination in their system might fall prey to viruses or malware. This might happen the moment they start extracting the zip file. The only way to counter this issue is to scan the zip file with premium antivirus software. 

A detailed spec sheet of different types of free compression tools available on the internet will show you how efficient 7-zip is. It is easy to use, fast if used properly, and saves disk space. Before downloading a compression application make sure not only your files are compressed to an optimum degree but also your privacy is not compromised. 

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