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Humble Games is Bringing 10 Indie Titles to Xbox Game Pass

Humble Games announced that 10 Indie Xbox Titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day 1 in an exciting video released on YouTube today. Game Pass just keeps getting better and better. If you like their other titles like Forager and Slay The Spire, you are in for a long gaming session when these drop soon.

Humble Games, a small team that is based in San Francisco, California was formed out of a passion to support indie developers world wide. They aim to provide top-quality content for gamers all over the world and carry on the Humble mission to become a force for good within the gaming industry. 

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can access a wide and vibrant range of games anywhere, at any time for Xbox or PC. It was revealed in 2019, and is the most recent and greatest evolution of Microsoft’s popular services.

Humble Games Day 1 with Xbox Game Pass (Video)

Let’s take a look at some of the Humble Games Titles coming to Xbox Game Pass.

1. Archvale

One time, a cruel and malicious king ruled the land. He terrorized everyone who came in contact with him. He and the arch to Archvale, the legendary arch, have been the subject of ghost stories and myths. The Undying, beings that the king cursed with immortality gave him the right to keep them in his prisons for eternity.

Only you and only you can defeat the Undying, and free the world from the shadow of the king. You will travel across many regions looting and crafting your weapons and equipment. These upgrades will allow you to defeat the many enemies who await you, and put an end to the lies about the mythic arch to Archvale.

2. Next Space Rebels

You can order parts online and get your camera to grow StarTube’s channel through rocket tinkering, sometimes wacky, challenges. You will be on a journey to space if you are not able to keep up with the demands of fame and fortune.

The Next Space Rebels, the mysterious and mysterious Next Space Rebels, know that the satellites are now the key to the internet’s future. Do you want to join them on their quest for internet freedom?

Next Space Rebels allows you to have fun with creation and failure.

3. Midnight Fight Express

You will fight your way through the city in this brutal romp. It combines old-school brawlers with fast-paced motion capture combat, customizable skills and a challenge level inspired from Dark Souls.

To defeat enemies, you will need to use your feet, fists and feet as well as pipes, pipes, pistols, machine gun, and other tools to get through them.

4. Dodgeball Academy

You join Otto at his academy to train to be the best dodgeball player in a world where dodgeball is a way of life. You’ll make friends and rivals in eight episodes as you work together to create the best dodgeball team.

You can level up Otto to build a dynamic team through a flexible party progression system. Explore the Dodgeball Academia to uncover long-hidden truths within the walls where you live, learn and rule.

5. Bushiden

Your sister is gone and there are rumors that Gaoh has been resurrected with a corrupt army under his command. You can search for cybernetic upgrades to make yourself stronger enough to defeat Gaoh and his cybergentic armies in this futuristic action platformer.

Bushiden is a 2D platformer that acts like a strider, but with retro styling.

6. Flynn Son Of Crimson

Flynn will be joining you in Rosantica, his beloved home – a beautiful island once devastated by war and the oppressive presence the now exiled Scourge. The Scourge’s ominous presence is threatening Rosantica’s peace and freedom.

Flynn will be accompanied by his mythical protector, the Guardian Spirits of which have been stolen, and will be tested by the powerful Scourge and its overlord. Flynn and the Crimson lineage will be enough to stop the Scourge from terrorizing humanity?

7. Unpacking

Unpacking is a relaxing game that focuses on the familiar experience of taking possessions from boxes and putting them in a new place. You are part block-fitting puzzle and part home decoration. While creating a comfortable living space, you will also learn clues about your life. You will have the opportunity to share a feeling of intimacy with an unknown character and hear a different story over eight house moves.

8. Signals

This classic survival horror adventure is full of melancholic mystery and a unique aesthetic. As Elster, a technie Replika on the hunt for her lost dreams, you will need to investigate a dark secret and solve puzzles.

9. Unsighted

The few remaining androids in Arcadia are running out Anima, which is the energy that gives robots their consciousness.

This city is a hidden treasure. Help save the androids from becoming Unsighted.

10 Chinatown Detective Agency

Chinatown Detective Agency, a cyber noir point and click video game.

Amira Darma is an ex-police officer who is now a private investigator in Singapore’s Chinatown. Her first case involves a businessman looking for an accountant who fled the country.

She then takes on cases for a wealthy heir who wants to return stamps from her father’s philatelist collection to their origin countries. She unravels a web of conspiracy back home as she solves cases around the globe.

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