I went to Pete Davidson's Pebble Bar where a crab cake costs $30 and cocktails at least $20, and I'd go back again
i went to pete davidson's pebble bar where a crab

I went to Pete Davidson’s Pebble Bar where a crab cake costs $30 and cocktails at least $20, and I’d go back again

A server mentioned that the 500 Miles High and the Rawhide Margarita were the most popular and debatably the best drinks on the menu — of course I took her suggestion.

Cocktails at Pebble Bar

A Rawhide Margarita (left) and the 500 Miles High cocktail (right) from Pebble Bar.

Rachel Askinasi/Insider

The first drink our server mentioned was the 500 Miles High, which costs $20 and is made using yuzu shu, lychee, St. George pear brandy, and lemon and shiso leaf. 

She was right — it was great. I didn’t really taste the lychee in particular. I felt like it was more prominent in the color of the drink. My palate was able to pick up notes of pear and yuzu, but I think that overall, there wasn’t one ingredient that overpowered the others. It tasted like they all worked together to offer a unique flavor that was much appreciated. It also wasn’t overly sweet despite having brandy in it, which I loved. I am not a fan of sweet drinks. 

The margarita was also mentioned as a high point on the cocktail menu, and after trying it I would agree. 

This classic costs $21 and is made with lime, agave, and your choice of either Herradura Ultra Añejo tequila or Dos Hombres Mezcal. 

When I tasted the margarita, which we ordered with tequila, I was immediately refreshed. It tasted pure and simple, and the sweetness was agave-forward rather than sugary.

Both drinks were delicious and, honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending $20+ on them again or even risking $20+ to try a different cocktail on the menu. 

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