Inside Kendall Jenner's “wellness room”
inside kendall jenner's “wellness room”

Inside Kendall Jenner’s “wellness room”

Forget the runway or the set of a campaign shoot, Kendall Jenner’s happy place is a little… Goopier than that. In addition to posting regular video clips on Instagram that show her playing a selection of crystal bowls (it’s good for your cellular frequency, don’t you know), and extolling the virtues of journaling, the model has also shown off her state-of-the-art “well-being room” on her family’s reality show, The Kardashians.

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“[I have] this whole new room in my house that has all these crazy gadgets and gizmos,” she says, as she shows off the dedicated room in her ultra sleek home. Jenner is seen climbing into her own personal hyperbaric chamber – the Vitaeris 320, retailing at around INR 18,00,000 (£19,000) – which is a wellbeing treatment beloved by athletes.

Usually found in clinics, rather than in homes, the hyperbaric chamber essentially delivers pure oxygen at an air pressure level at 1.5 to three times higher than the average. This results in enhanced and speedier recovery, improved immunity, and the formation of new skin cells and collagen production.

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