Inside the World's First Underground Site
inside the world's first underground site

Inside the World’s First Underground Site

  • Radioactive waste from nuclear plants is stored in temporary facilities around the world.
  • Finland has a different idea: burying the waste forever, 1,400 ft underground encased in metal.
  • Insider visited the site near the Baltic Sea, which is opening soon. Here’s what we saw.

The world has a nuclear waste problem — hundreds of thousands of tonnes have been produced with no good place to put it.

It typically goes in temporary facilities. Experts agree that a safe, permanent solution is needed.

Finland is on the cusp of turning that into reality, beating countries like China, the US, and the UK to produce the world’s first forever home for radioactive waste.

Insider visited the site, called Onkalo, to see what it was like. Insider covered the costs of the trip, in line with our reporting policies.

It took me further underground than I’ve ever been, into a facility that will soon be brimming with nuclear waste.

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