Art Director - Trailer Park -388400
art director trailer park 388400

Intern – A&ampr – Zobe Records -383286

Freelance Unpaid Internship
This is an Indie Record Label.

Current artists include R&B/Pop/Rap/Hip-Hop/Latin/Reggae/Rock artists and soon other genres of music artists as the label is open to all genres of music.

We are looking for an intern to work on a virtual / remote basis to support the label’s work in A&R, marketing, social media, and talent management / devlopment.

As part of this job, you will be involved in building artist brands and their fan bases.

Proficiency in sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter are a must. Detail orientation and self-organization will be needed to be fully successful.

You may also have a role in helping in radio promotion with commercial US stations – including e.g., preparing communications with program and music directors of major US FM radio stations, participating in PR efforts, assist with booking for talents, working with the A&Rs in developing the artists, promoter shows/concerts, assist/build street team, and more. Get involved hands on in working in the music industry and help to create some superstars! There could be opportunities to work face-to-face with the staff and talents in your region as we work with talents from various regions and have staff in various locations as well.

Opportunities Available For Growth Within Organization

Additional Information
This can be done full-time or part-time with many opportunities that you could take advantage of and if you’re serious and dedicated you can determine what you get out of the opportunity by how much you put into it. If done part-time (if you’re working another job then you can work out a schedule that fits into your current one) we can work with you. A start date of December 2020 and end date of December 2021 for the internship (rough estimate) but could be longer. The weekly time commitment will vary depending upon assignments but could be 10 hrs a week or more. It can be 3-5 days a week or vary depending upon your schedule. Credit can be given for the internship (depending upon your school and their requirements)

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