NASA Releases Sharp Images from James Webb Space Telescope


NASA is giving us a gleaming look at the stars … releasing shockingly sharp images courtesy of the James Webb Space Telescope.

NASA officials breathed a sigh of relief Monday, saying the telescope’s optical alignment was “perfect” … allowing them to capture a crystal clear view of our galaxy and beyond.

Michael McElwain, a scientist at NASA, gushed … “I’m delighted to report that the telescope alignment has been completed with performance even better than we had anticipated”.

The images were a test, to make sure the $10 billion telescope was working properly.

NASA’s goal is to study how stars were created and investigate other objects in the solar system … in hopes of figuring out how the first stars and galaxies formed.

The image on the left shows a view of the now-retired Spitzer Space telescope and the image on the right displays the improved images from the Webb Space Telescope.

Scientists say, this is only the beginning of what Webb will do in the coming years.

Brave new world.

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