Neurophilosophy – or the brain’s lack of discipline

#Neurophilosophy – or the #brain’s lack of discipline

##3. Discipline: “What can you do with #neurophilosophy? “

##Application of the neurophilosophy methodology to a specific example from neurosciences research: Models for the #emergence of #consciousness

In the following I would like to illustrate the non-reductive, bi-directional neurophilosophy methodology using a classic example of the philosophy of mind, the attempts to explain the emergence of consciousness. The “qualia problem” can be cited as a concrete example as a starting point for the investigation. Qualia or phenomenal consciousness denote the subjective experience of a mental state, such as B. “Pain”. However, these mental states elude the description of the neural states, since they cannot be fully captured using the observational-empirical method. No conceptual-logical connection can be established, let alone a critical-methodological model derived from it.

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