Paphos smart water meter upgrades
paphos to install 27,000 smart water meters

Paphos to install 27,000 smart water meters

The Municipality of Paphos, Cyprus, has started the implementation of a project to upgrade 27,000 water meters into smart water meters.

The overhauls come courtesy of their project, ‘Supply, installation, operation and maintenance of an integrated system of intelligent management and measurement of water resources’.

The municipality cites the region’s prolonged ‘dry spell’ due to its geographical location and the effects of climate change.

The project aims to help mitigate this by easily identifying water loss that results from unseen damage, under-metering, meter reading errors, data handling and billing errors as well as unauthorised consumption from illegal use and connections, theft and meter bypassing.

To combat these issues, smart meter replacements are hoped to allow for a higher level of accuracy alongside continuous remote water consumption measurement.

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According to the municipality, the new system will allow for measurements to be recorded in near real time and allow for insights into water demand and leak detection.

The new smart meters will also allow for the collection of historical consumption data. This data, while protecting consumer information, will be used to evaluate infrastructure, raise awareness among residents on consumption and inform on how to prevent water waste.

This project comes in as countries across Europe have started replacing metering infrastructure with the hopes of accessing heightened data analytics and insights into consumption patterns.

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