Pick up these 15 games in Devolver Digital’s Steam sale


Devolver Digital — the publisher known for some of 2021’s best games, like Inscryption, Death’s Door, Boomerang X, and Loop Hero — is having a massive sale on Steam that runs May 5-16.

There are new titles, like the ones mentioned above, on sale for more than 50% off. And some of the publisher’s older titles, like 2014’s The Talos Principle, are 90% off. Even the publisher’s newest game, Trek to Yomi — a black-and-white game inspired by classic samurai cinema that launched Thursday — is a few dollars off.

Here are the 15 Devolver Digital games we think are worth picking up before the sale ends May 16:

If you have a Vive, Oculus, or another compatible virtual reality headset and are looking for some interesting titles — like Gorn and The Talos Principle VR — Devolver’s VR titles are also on sale.

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