Prince Harry Gets His Stretch On to Play Polo with Meghan Watching


Prince Harry might be far across the pond, but he’s still a Brit — just look at him galloping with a stick in hand as he tries to whack a ball … all the way over here in sunny California!

The Duke of Sussex got his polo on Friday during a match at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquets Club, where we’re told he played on a team called Los Padres (the green jerseys, it seems) alongside a pal of his … and apparently this happened last minute.

In any case, Hare clearly needed to stretch it out before getting on the horse to ride — and he did exactly that … with some mid-level squats, and extra effort to work out his glutes.

prince harry meghan markle

Of course … his wife, Meghan Markle, was also there to watch her prince do his thing — and once Harry was on the field … it appears he saw some serious action. The dude’s been playing a long time, BTW, dating back to his youth … so the sport comes naturally.

This has gotta make him feel right at home … which is nice, since he’s sorta keeping London at arm’s length at the moment — this following his brief visit recently to see meemaw.


He told Hoda Kotb not too long ago that he misses his family … but dodged the follow-up when his brother and father were specifically brought up — alluding to the ongoing rift.

Well, at least he’s got polo … and that killer calisthenics routine. Stay limber, PH!

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