David Dobrik and Jeffrey Wittek stunt gone wrong
social media influencer sued after a stunt gone wrong, causes

Social Media Influencer Sued After A Stunt Gone Wrong, Causes Serious Injuries

Jeffrey Wittek is suing social media influencer David Dobrik alleging that Dobrik grossly mishandled a stunt in 2020 which resulted in serious injuries.

Wittek claims to have traveled to Utah Lake in Provo, Utah, with Dobrik to film a “social media comeback” video which involved the use of an excavator. Wittek says the stunt unfolded differently than they planned, according to TMZ. He claimed Dobrik was at the controls of the excavator and the agreement was that he would place it in the water and swing people around with a rope as they rode various objects such as wakeboards. Instead, he switched gears and swung people around from the machine itself, while only holding a rope, according to TMZ. Wittek claims to have been slammed against the excavator, sustaining serious injuries.

Wittek claimed that Dobrik realized he was moving the excavator too quickly as he swung Wittek around, but rather than slowing down gradually, he came to an abrupt stop. This caused Wittek to be hurled at the machine, according to TMZ. The legal documents seemingly did not list a breakdown of the injuries, but Wittek had previously opened up about his condition, reported the outlet.

Among other injuries, Wittek claims he broke his foot, tore a ligament in his leg, and shattered his skull in 9 different places. He also says he nearly lost his eye and believes he came close to dying, according to TMZ. (RELATED: ‘Americas Got Talent’ Star Gives Update From Hospital After Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong)

Wittek’s legal filing cites the many ways he claims to have been affected by this incident, including a loss of wages, diminished earning capacity and expensive  hospital bills. He’s going after Dobrik for negligence and intentional tort, according to TMZ.

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