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solar tracker designed for solar installations of under 20 mw

Solar tracker designed for solar installations of under 20 MW

FTC Solar and AUI Partners introduce new single-axis tracker solution for distributed generation market.

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Texas-based FTC Solar’s DG Solutions Business Unit and AUI Partners have announced a new solar tracking solution for solar sites of under 20 MW, which they report can be delivered as quickly as eight weeks.

“Despite the growth in DG as a result of federal and state-wide pushes for increased solar projects, there is still a shortage of comprehensive solutions that give customers what they need in a timely manner,” said Mario Carbone, partner at AUI Partners. “By combining FTC’s resilient and versatile Voyager tracker and optimization software with our lead generation, design, delivery, and installation services, we are able to offer customers an innovative design-through-installation service that ultimately benefits developers by reducing the number of project partners they need to commission.”

FTC Solar and AUI Partners are targeting US-based commercial and industrial, community solar programs, projects for independent power producers, and smaller one-off projects for sectors such as agriculture. The companies are using proprietary automation technology to provide a fast turnaround time on project quotes.

The tracker is FTC’s Voyager+ 2P solar tracker, and AUI is providing site design and construction. The Voyager+ 2P was introduced in September of 2021 and is designed for modules of 550 W and higher. It uses nearly 50% fewer foundation piles than comparable alternative systems, according to the company. It also enables a roughly 2% higher energy density than its 1P competitors.

In developing the tracker, FTC Solar collaborated with RWDI and Engineered Power Solutions on data analysis and wind tunnel testing to independently validate the product’s structural stability. Through this testing and design modification, FTC said it created a tracker that can withstand winds equivalent to a “Category 3” hurricane, but also operates well in low wind speeds, an environment that has long been a hurdle for trackers. To optimize the Voyager+ tracker, FTC offers a variety of software solutions, including its SunPath platform, which will also be available for distributed generation projects.

“By ensuring materials are readily available for these projects, DG Solutions will deliver faster than many other providers in the market, which can require more than six months,” said Sean Hunkler, CEO of FTC Solar. “We see tremendous growth potential for this market over the next few years. However, for it to grow successfully, resilient turnkey solutions are imperative, and working with the team at AUI Partners will help us complete these projects quickly, which is a win for both the customer and the planet.”

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