Sunday Night Waiver Wire & FAAB Chat
sunday night waiver wire & faab chat

Sunday Night Waiver Wire & FAAB Chat

7:30 Jeff Zimmerman: Here are the bids in the two 15-team mixed Tout Wars teams
7:31 Jeff Zimmerman:
7:31 Joe: Jesse Winker – drop or keep in a 14 team mixed league?
7:32 Jeff Zimmerman: Possible depending on the replacement
7:32 Jeff Zimmerman: He’s not someone that needs to be rostered at this point.
7:32 Sammy Long: How much of an upgrade is Willson Contreras over William Contreras or Christian Bethancourt?
7:32 Jeff Zimmerman: Thanks John, it’s been a long day
7:33 David: Hey Jeff, hope all is well, drop grandal for burger if I have Kirk? 12 cat league
7:33 Jeff Zimmerman: Sure but I’m not sure how long Burger will be able to DH.
7:34 Porcho Villa: Who would you prefer to roster in 5×5 OBP (12-team): Nimmo or Pham?
7:34 Bruce in 2023: With India coming back at the end of the week, I have to drop one : Luis Garcia (Nats), Espinal, BRodgers, JTurner? Deep 6×6 Daily Roto
7:35 Frank: With the recent struggles of the Rangers bullpen and the impending promotion of Jose LeClerc, could he rapidly rise to resume being the closer for the Rangers?
7:35 Jeff Zimmerman: Truthfully, I haven’t had time to look. You’re on your own.
7:35 Ryan: Chasing HR. Better power option for the next month, Seth Brown Pavin Smith or Ruf?
7:36 Percy Miracles: Hi Jeff, in a OBP league that includes TB, would you add Oscar Gonzalez over any of the following: Canha, Naylor, L Thomas (8 games this week), Yepez, Morel? It’s a dynasty league.
7:36 Jeff Zimmerman: Yes for Canha or Yepez
7:36 John: greeting, im reaching my end with ranger Suarez. Should I continue to hold hoping for a turnaround or pick up anyone serviceable ?
7:37 Jeff Zimmerman: It all depends on the options. In some places, I’m trying to add Suarez because the options are crap
7:37 Mike: Need a closer 12 team 5×5 mixed. Tanner Scott, Tanner Houck and Diego Castillo. What % of FAAB for each? Thanks
7:38 Jeff Zimmerman: Scott and Houck could go for 10% or more depending on how desperate a manager is for Saves. I think Castillo is more of a 2% at most bid.
7:38 Angelus Novus: Rank please: Willy Contreras, MJ Melendez, Adley Rutschman, Gabriel Moreno, ROS?
7:39 Jeff Zimmerman: Melendez, Moreno, Conteras, Rutschman
7:39 David: Also would you drop Merril kelly for Houck but I gotta bid 20% of my FAAB… does he run with the job after tonight’s showing.  Worried Sale comes back or Cora tries it with Barnes again.
7:39 Jeff Zimmerman: I’d make the drop but not sure I’d go 20%
7:40 Guest: Clevinger and Lauer hit waivers today in my league. Available drops are Kirby, Ashcraft, Cobb. Which swaps would you make? Thanks!
7:40 Jeff Zimmerman: drop Ashcraft for Cevinger
7:40 Angelus Novus: Thanks for chatting? Think McClanahan has a shot to start next year as SP1? Will the Rays pull a 2021 Urias/Buehler and break away from inning-limit convention and let Shane loose?
7:41 Jeff Zimmerman: Maybe. 20%? Right now,Hader might be the first pitcher off the board
7:42 Sammy Long: Pick 1 SP for this week. Tylor Megill vs MIL (Ashby) or Roasny Contreras at STL (Matz)?
7:42 Brayan Bello: Is Brayan Bello a potential candidate to take Eovaldi’s rotation spot while he’s hurt? Pitching day lines up.
7:43 Jeff Zimmerman: Yes, we’ll have to see.
7:43 Porcho Villa: Time to give up on Grandal? Grabbed Kirk as a plan B and now considering cutting bait altogether– yes, slow start last year and plate skills somewhat intact but no power and wondering if he’s playing hurt
7:43 Jeff Zimmerman: I’m moving past Grandal and Kirk is a fine replacement
7:43 TandS: Prefer any of Donaldson, Justin Turner, Urshela, Dalbec, or Burger over Moncada?
7:44 Matt: Is it out of line to think Garrett Whitlock is a drop in a 12 team league with a 7 man bench (specifically, when you have Scherzer taking up a spot)? For possibly a spec closer or a Faedo level SP?
7:45 Jeff Zimmerman: That would be a tough one for me. Faedo is a major downgrade from Whitlock IMO
7:45 Porcho Villa: Is Ozuna still a hold in 12-teamers? He’s been terrible, like a much worse version of Soler, and recently got dropped in the order.
7:46 Jeff Zimmerman: I’d roster Soler over Ozuna
7:46 Ben: Big mess of OFs in an OBP League, how do they rank: Renfroe, Yaz, Happ, Kepler, Kyle Lewis, Suzuki
7:47 Jeff Zimmerman: I’m having some problem adding questions. I might have to reload
7:48 Jeff Zimmerman: Happ, ReFroe, Kepler, Yaz, Lewis, Suzuki
7:48 KCbbq: Bethancourt, Dylan Moore and Nevin are on the wire in my 12 team AL only H2H keeper league. Need to replace Candelario. What order do you prefer them in and how much would you throw at each (start off with 100 FAAB)?
7:48 Jeff Zimmerman: Nevin, Bethancourt, Moore. 1% at most
7:48 Mike: Ahmed Rosario or Gavin Lux? 5×5 mixed. Just waiting for Fernando Tatis to return.
7:49 Billy: How much FAAB on Jake Burger in a 12 team 5×5 mixed? Have Justin Turner as my 3B currently.
7:50 Jeff Zimmerman: I’ve been debating and changing values on him all day. I think he can provide power, if playing. I’m just not sure if he’ll stay in the line when Jimenez and Anderson return
7:50 KCbbq: Stripling is available in my 12 team 5×5 AL only H2H league using W+QS. $100 FAAB. Would you bid more than $4 for him in a pitching starved league? You prefer him over Winder (currently on my bench). Thinking I need to sit Kikuchi for awhile.
7:51 Jeff Zimmerman: I’d try to roster Stripling, keep Winder. Drop Kikuchi.
7:51 Marge Gunderson: Are we holding Bailey Ober? Or using the roster spot to stream starters in a 12 tm with no clearly rosterable SPs?
7:52 Jeff Zimmerman: I’m holding and dropping depending on the team makeup. In some instances, he’s my worst pitcher.
7:52 BrendanMcKayDylanWalsh: Thanks for the firehose of information you provide throughout the season. That’s all.
7:52 Jeff Zimmerman: You’re welcome
7:52 Steve: redraft format using QS (not Wins) and K/9…who do you trust more ROS – Anderson (ATL) or Singer (KC)?
7:53 Guest: drop rainey for houck?
7:53 Jeff Zimmerman: … yes … maybe keep both for a week
7:53 San Diego: Which padre lefty would you rather roster: Grisham, hosmer or mazara?
7:54 Jeff Zimmerman: Grisham, Hosmer, Marara
7:54 DW: Please rank:  Berrios, Megill, Thor and Pivetta.
7:54 Jeff Zimmerman: Megill, Pivetta, Berrios, Thor
7:54 Bort: Need an OF in AL league with OBP.  Rank order please:   Rengifo, Mendick, V. Reyes, Lagares, Pache
7:55 Jeff Zimmerman: That’s a pile of poo.
7:55 Jeff Zimmerman: There is no right answer
7:55 Angelus Novus: Really struggling to assess these three in a H2H points league where steals are deflated in value. Please rank Gimenez, Rodgers, and Luis Garcia (Wsh) rest of season.
7:55 Jeff Zimmerman: Garcia, Gimenez, Rodgers
7:55 Bob: The Rangers new 3B Duran or Flores for 3B? Thanks.
7:56 Jeff Zimmerman: Duran. Flores will lose playing time when Belt comes off the IL
7:56 Guest: Should I be dropping Hunter Dozier for either Jonah Heim or William Contreras In a 10 team ESPN league? Just lost Jansen to injury again
7:57 Jeff Zimmerman: Drop Jansen in a 10-team 1-C league for either one of them
7:57 Fire Risin: How do you rank Winder Junis and Zack Thompson (STL) Rest of the way?  Junis and Thompson have SP/RP eligibility which helps in our format.  Thanks
7:57 Jeff Zimmerman: Winder, Junie, Thompson
7:57 Tim: Stripling or Urquidy?
7:57 Jeff Zimmerman: Stripling
7:57 SLC punk!: I have Kimbrel, picked up Hudson last week with Kimbrel on paternity leave. Keep holding Hudson in case Kimbrel’s struggles continue or drop him for Houck or Scott?
7:58 Jeff Zimmerman: If you can get Houck or Scott, get them. Also, it might be time to add all the possible closers because it might be a month before more become available
7:58 John: Hold Suarez or drop for Greene wood or faedo
7:58 Jake: Strasburg got dropped in 12 team league. what % of my $1000 budget do i drop on him?
7:59 Jeff Zimmerman: $1, but that might be too much.
7:59 Bob: Please rank these new kids on the block: Luis Garcia (Nats), Ezequiel Duran, Christopher Morel, and when they come up: Oneil Cruz and Riley Greene.
7:59 Jeff Zimmerman: Morel … Garcia,Greene, Duran, Cruz
8:00 Fire Tony: Avi Garcia has like 7 extra-base-hits all year. Should I have dropped him already for someone like Oscar Gonzalez, Cal Mitchell, Suwinski?
8:00 Jeff Zimmerman: Yes, especially since he’s hurt and likely headed to the IL
8:00 Ben: Have Ward (LAA) returning this week.  Redraft league counting OBP and SLG (not AVG).  Need to drop someone – Thomas (AZ), Pham (CIN), or Cooper (MIA)?  Thanks
8:00 Jeff Zimmerman: Cooper, he’s hurt
8:00 Kermit: Living with Eugenio at 3B while I wait for Bryant to come back.  Is Burger an upgrade?
8:01 Jeff Zimmerman: Not really
8:01 Neruda: Is Josiah Gray a cut if you are on the fence about starting him for his 2 step? With the understanding it kinda depends on FA pool.
8:01 Jeff Zimmerman: I could see cutting him. He’s not showing much upside
8:02 Joe: Please rank for H2H Categories league for ROS; Wainwright, Pivetta, Eflin. Thanks
8:02 Jeff Zimmerman: Pivetta, Wainwright, Eflin
8:03 AL: would you prefer $10Javier or $15 Pena AL only keeper
8:04 Andrew Triggskaedekaphobia: Thanks for your insight, and so sorry for your loss.12 team H2H. My offense is pretty stacked. How would you feel dropping Justin Turner and rolling with Wisdom at 3B. Other options at 3B could be Miranda, Burger, or Urshela.
8:04 Jeff Zimmerman: Those options don’t seem like upgrades
8:04 Seth: We’re getting to the time of year where teams are falling far enough back to sell out for next year. Do you have any tips for keeping the last place owners engaged for the rest of the year?
8:05 Jeff Zimmerman: Base next years draft order on the finish for the teams out of the money. Or remove FAAB for a bad finish
8:05 Benny: AL only roto.  Would you save FAAB for trade deadline guys from the NL that go to AL or spend now on a guy like G.Moreno?
8:06 Jeff Zimmerman: I think I’d save. I have seem tepid bids on Moreno after Rutshman and Bart have struggled.
8:06 Guest: Hi jeff! Do you think Jon Berti is now 12 team viable in most roto leagues with daily moves? Also I’m struggling to evaluate relievers in a league with sholds as one category. Is Kimbrel droppable for someone like Duran or even like AJ Minter?
8:07 Jeff Zimmerman: Berti is viable as long as he keeps playing. Monitor the at-bats when Wendle returns
8:07 Jeff Zimmerman: Don’t drop Kimbrel for them
8:07 Percy Miracles: Hi Jeff, regardless of position would you rather have Peña or Bryan Reynolds in a dynasty OBP league?
8:08 Johnny5Alive: Any interest in braxton Garrett or Zack Thompson in deep NL only leagues?
8:08 Jeff Zimmerman: Garrett for sure
8:08 AT in the 613: What’s would you estimate is the going rate / median bid for an average two-step like Flexen or Archer in 15-team NFBC this week?
8:09 Jeff Zimmerman: 2% to 4%. I think they should be less since they are just streamers.
8:09 Kermit: Votto, Voit, or Nellie Cruz at Util for ROS?
8:09 Jeff Zimmerman: Cruz and Votto are close.
8:10 Kyle: Do you like Whitlock or Winder ROS? Pretty even or does Winder have the edge?
8:10 Jeff Zimmerman: Close but I might lean Winder, the last I read, he’s closer to returning
8:11 Guest: Ketel Marte hit our wire.  What % of FAAB would you put down to try to get him?
8:11 Jeff Zimmerman: I’d go hard
8:11 Patience: Two IL drops, I plan to get one. Alex Cobb or Stroman, who you want rest of the season?
8:12 Ian Happ’s Coffee Maker: 14-team mixed — can I drop Javy Baez and not feel bad about it?
8:13 Jeff Zimmerman: Maybe, I’ve just moved him to the bench
8:13 If I were a Carpenter: Matt Carpenter 2 more dingers but only one start this week. Any al only obp interest? Who would you cut for him? Thanks!
8:14 Jeff Zimmerman: No idea on the cut, but Carp seems like he has to be on someone’s AL-only team
8:14 SporerFan69(nice): Uncle Charlie Morton on the wire. Worth dropping Detmers and or Keegan Thompson? Both will be dropped, and likely one to stash Vinnie P as it is.
8:14 Jeff Zimmerman: Drop either one for Morton
8:14 JV: Faedo or Houser for 2 step streamer this week?
8:15 Greg: Ian Anderson available in 15 team NFBC, how interested would you be?  Like $50 in FAAB?
8:16 Jeff Zimmerman: For sure and he’ll likely go for more
8:16 Seth: Buehler droppable? Long bench but no IL spots…
8:16 Jeff Zimmerman: Not yet, I’d wait for more new
8:16 Barry: Elias diaz droppable? Benthacourt, raleigh, navarez available
8:16 Jeff Zimmerman: Yes and I’d do it for any of those three.
8:17 Jeff Zimmerman: With those options, I’d look at streaming catchers and now that I think of it, Elias might be worth keeping with the team at home this week.
8:18 Todd: Deciding between a pickup of profar, stott, or arraez for ROS and dynasty value.
8:19 Jeff Zimmerman: I think you have to pick a line. Add Profar to win this year. Add Stott to build for the future. If you try to do both, you’ll likely fail at both
8:19 Felix: Need quality starts.  Pick one: Megill, Kirby, Singer.  Thanks!
8:19 John Hobbs: Cut or hold Freddy Peralta?
8:19 Jeff Zimmerman: I cut right after the injury
8:20 Daniel: I dropped Juan Yepez instead of Josh Naylor this morning —- having dropper’s remorse. Big mistake?
8:20 Jeff Zimmerman: No, not IMO.
8:20 If I were a Carpenter: Thanks! Cut right now is Rengifo, who has more pt but less talent
8:20 Jeff Zimmerman: That’s close. I’d hold Rengifo
8:20 Guest: 12 team NL only.  Pick up Braxton Garrett or Pallante?  Do you think Brad Hand is worth bidding on?  Dominguez is already rostered by another team.
8:21 Jeff Zimmerman: In an only, pick up both
8:21 Jeff Zimmerman: Ignore Hand
8:21 Rick: For my saves-starved team, how would you rank Houck, Strahm, Adam, T. Scott from the wire?
8:21 Jeff Zimmerman: Scott…………….Adam, Strahm
8:21 Dave: . Thoughts re:Kershaw. 15-18 Quality Starts likely?
8:21 Jeff Zimmerman: No, not close
8:21 David: Elfin or Merril Kelly ROS?
8:22 PJH: 12-team mixed H2H points league. Who do I drop: C. Joe, Pham, or Winker? Thank you.
8:22 Jeff Zimmerman: Winker, could be joe once he’s on the road
8:22 Catching Fire: Obp league, Bethancourt or Raleigh for second catcher?
8:22 Jeff Zimmerman: Raleigh for me
8:22 Jason: Seranthony, Jason Adam, Diego Castillo….best speculative closer pickup?
8:23 Jeff Zimmerman: Dominguez
8:23 Porcho Villa: Who has a better shot at ROS success as a starter: Ashby or Strider?
8:23 Mike: Someone dropped franmil in my 10 teamer.  Would you drop bellinger for him?  Franmil’s statcast page is still red unlike belllingers.
8:23 Jeff Zimmerman: It would be Bellinger for me
8:24 Wire Watch: Is Garrett Hampson the ultimate post hype sleeper
8:25 Jeff Zimmerman: No, he’s just not a good baseball player
8:25 Catching Fire: (Thanks for getting to so many questions this week! This is the chat I look forward to most.)
8:25 Jeff Zimmerman: No problem.
8:26 Will: Think Duran will take the reigns in the 9th for the twins or will this bullpen continue to “Baldelli?”
8:26 Mike: Hi Jeff – thx for these chats.  Do you think Pasquantino gets a promotion and do you think he makes an impact this year?  His K/BB stats are impressive (unlike the Adells, Josh Lowe and Kelenics ilk)
8:27 Jeff Zimmerman: Nope, he’s pissed off the Royals management and must stay in AAA.
8:27 KCbbq: What % of FAAB will be needed to land Stripling in a 12 team AL only 5×5 H2H league using W+QS? My concern with him is he a 5 and dive SP RoS?
8:28 Jeff Zimmerman: I’m probably the highest person on him and think he might be the last good add of the season.
8:29 Jeff Zimmerman: That’s it for tonight. I need to go over a couple teams in detail before NFBC FAAB runs in 30 minutes.


Jeff, one of the authors of the fantasy baseball guide,The Process, writes for RotoGraphs, The Hardball Times, Rotowire, Baseball America, and BaseballHQ. He has been nominated for two SABR Analytics Research Award for Contemporary Analysis and won it in 2013 in tandem with Bill Petti. He has won four FSWA Awards including on for his Mining the News series. He’s won Tout Wars three times, LABR once, and got his first NFBC Main Event win in 2021. Follow him on Twitter @jeffwzimmerman.

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