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Teaching a child with dyslexia – top tips

Whether you homeschool your child(ren), are a teacher looking for advice on dyslexia or a parent supporting your child at home, teaching a child with dyslexia requires patience, understanding, praise and commitment. It also requires us all to THINK OUTSIDE THAT BOX!

As a parent, remember that you are your child’s biggest fan and best advocate. The following advice and tips will ensure they get the best support at home and at school and the best start at life.

Top tips for teaching a child with dyslexia

  1. INFORMATION IS KEY! Learn all you can about dyslexia as only then can you make informed decisions.
  2. Be open with your child. Talk to them about what dyslexia means and help them understand it’s part of them but doesn’t define them.
  3. Teach your child about the positives associated with…

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