Tech News – 15 interesting facts about world leaders and diplomacy on Twitter

Un-twitterSocial networks are increasingly used by politicians and other personalities of the world, increasingly more of them becoming active on Twitter.

According to a Burson-Marsteller study company, Twiplomacy, more than two thirds (67.88 percent) of state leaders and heads of government in the world have personal accounts on Twitter, writes the Times of India.

For many politicians, Twitter has become a powerful channel for digital diplomacy and leadership in the XXI century. Currently, more than 80 percent of UN member states have accounts on Twitter.

The cited source shows 15 things about world leaders and diplomacy on Twitter:

1 most wanted world leaders

President Barack Obama (BarackObama) is the world’s leading social network whose account is the most watched – 47.7 million users. Pope Francis (Pontifex) is the world leader in this ranking second with 14 million people following him on Twitter, with accounts in nine languages​​. In third place was the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBYudhoyono), with over 5 million users watching them work, but with a country population of nearly 250 million people.

2 the Minister connected with other world leaders

Frenchman Laurent Fabius (LaurentFabius) is the most well-connected foreign minister, with no less than 91 connections with other world leaders or its homologues. Another very active leader of foreign diplomacy is the Swedish Carl Bildt (carlbildt) with 68 connections on Twitter, being the third place.

3 #DiplomatieDigitala

More than 3,100 of embassies and ambassadors are active on Twitter.

4 Most Popular

Pope Francis (Pontifex)     is by far the most influential on Twitter, each message account or redistributed in Spanish are more than 10,000 times, while each post in English is redistributed, on average, nearly 6,500 times.

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5 Global Influence

With one exception, all the governments of the G20 are present official Twitter and 6 of the G7 leaders have a personal account on the social network.

6 posts his own tweets? not

Among the few world leaders who actually write tweets include Estonian President Toomas Henrik Ilves (IlvesToomas), and British Foreign Minister William J. Hague (WilliamJHague).

7 pioneers

President Barack Obama was the first world leader who has created an account on Twitter, on March 5, 2007 At the time, the current president of the United States was still a senator. Other world leaders who rushed to take into account the social network Enrique Pena Nieto are Mexican President (EPN), Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo (ElioDiRupo) and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (PMHarper). Most world leaders have followed in the years 2010 and 2011.

8 How many tweets?

According Twiplomacy until June 23 world leaders sent messages together 1,932,262, which means that each posted an average of four messages every day.

9 The most active global leader

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro (PresidencialVen) wrote nearly 50,000 tweets, which means an average of nearly 40 a day.

10 The most “talkative” leader on Twitter

Prime Minister of Uganda,AmamaMbabazi, is a world leader who converses most in the social network, 95 percent of its messages are replies to messages to other Twitter users. He follows the president of Rwanda,PaulKagame country you have the top and Foreign MinisterLMushikiwabo. First foothold is the premier NorwegianErna_Solberg, located on the 5th.

11 Size really does matter

Accensiunea meteoric popularity on Twitter when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono looks like the leaders of some of the most populous countries definitely have an advantage over others.

12 #HashtagDiplomatie

Over the years, world leaders have used the hashtag sites to promote specific topics, such as #BringBackOurGirls or #ENDViolence against children.

13 Early in Twitter lists

Another sign of popularity on Twitter is the number of aparatii of an account on a Twitter list. President Barack Obama is the clear winner, appearing in over 207,000 lists.

14 Language twiplomatiei

Language in which the messages are posted on Twitter is Spanish (32.19 percent), followed by English (28.29 percent) and French (6.74 percent).

15 #Selfie

Self-sized craze has reached the highest echelons of global governance. Some of the most popular selves are one of President Barack Obama and David Cameron at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, the group of American Secretary of State John Kerry in the Philippine capital of Manila and the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in voting precinct. Other world leaders such as Pope Francis, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin have made ​​such pictures with fans.

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