Tech News - Microsoft looses talents: mass desertion from Gates' company
tech news microsoft looses talents: mass desertion from gates'

Tech News – Microsoft looses talents: mass desertion from Gates’ company

Microsoft looses its talentsSeattle became a battleground in the IT industry after Facebook, Twitter and Google have opened branches in fiefdom controlled by Microsoft and Amazon, recruiting the most promising employees of Bill Gates. The city has nothing in sunny San Francisco, rather than belonging to the same West Coast Silicon Valley and a new project, which Gates’s competition is building busily using Microsoft’s human resources.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have organized from June to August, in their own style recruitment campaigns for their new locations in Seattle betting on the number of large IT specialist gathered under the umbrella of Microsoft Corporation and, of course, on their tendency to defect from the company. Seattle, by the way, is a pool of talent in the IT industry, generating large number of specialists and lower labor costs, notes Reuters.

Growing trend

Microsoft always faced with a phenomenon of migration of staff, but lately, the arrival of competition in the increased number of deserters from Microsoft who see a good opportunity to increase their income without being subjected to torment relocation. And many of those who drop ship Microsoft know and what brains can be easily recruited.

“A lot of top engineers from Miocrosoft have turned to us. Their high level of knowledge is perfect for our application development. Hence you personally select here in Seattle” Facebook’s Seattle bureau chief confirms Rohit Wad former Microsoft employee in the past 18 years.

Number of employees in Seattle Facebook grew to 125 this year, surpassing the figure of 400 in total, and personal growth is seen in increasing office space on three floors. Google has already opened two centers in Seattle, and the total number of employees in the area exceeded 1,400, gathered under the command of veteran Chee Chew, an impressive length of over 25 years at Microsoft. Twitter yet remained a figure of 100 employees.

Seattle cheaper than San Francisco

Income a Seattle programmer starts from 95,000 USD / year to 110,000, how is the average in San Francisco, but instead becomes tempting for many IT-ists in terms of lower cost of living in Seattle.

The city is rainy, with long periods of cold weather, but the savings you can make are certainly higher than in the Bay Area of California. This provides new and new generation of programmers who try their luck in Seattle, benefiting even scholarships or different features that Amazon and Microsoft gave them time. This urged those from Twitter, Google and Facebook to open new branches in Seattle. However, specialized workforce here begins to decrease as more and more new companies open offices.

Personal crisis

In general, the tendency of staff migration from Microsoft was the desert after evaluations of summer and autumn, when the company distributes and bonficatiile for a year of work.

But this year, 1,351 Microsoft employees, mostly involved in testing programs have left the company after recruitment campaigns carried out by the competition. Microsoft records now a shortage of 1,289 staff people, especially the LinkedIn app, over half of aplictiile vacancies requiring knowledge of “cloud”. Microsoft representatives have refrained from commenting on the crisis staff registered company.

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