The 6 Best Workout Headphones of 2022
the 6 best workout headphones of 2022

The 6 Best Workout Headphones of 2022

Our pick

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Completely wireless with a comfortable and secure fit, the water-resistant Elite Active 75t wireless earbuds offer good sound and a long battery life.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $180.

The completely wireless Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds excel at the gym and beyond thanks to their great sound, durable build, secure fit, and easy-to-use controls. A single multifunction button on each earbud lets you easily adjust volume, skip tracks, and activate your digital assistant during a workout. Although these earbuds have a sealed design to block out noise, the hear-through mode allows you to have a conversation or to keep an ear on traffic without removing your earbuds. The Elite Active 75t’s four microphones help to reduce wind noise, enabling clear phone or video calls. With seven and a half hours of listening time per charge, the pair will last you long past your training session. If you run out of juice, the coin-pocket-sized charge case offers an additional 20 hours of power; the rapid-charge function gives you 60 minutes of use from just 15 minutes in the charging case. With an IP57 rating, these earbuds should withstand abuse, sweat, and moisture when used properly, and they’re backed by a two-year warranty.

Jabra recently released a successor to the Active 75t, called the Elite 7 Active. The Elite 7 Active earbuds get a lot right—notably, they have a more-secure fit and let you use each earbud individually. Yet we experienced connectivity and other issues that need to be resolved before we’d recommend them. You can read more of our thoughts in the Competition. Jabra declined to say whether the Active 75t earbuds are going to be discontinued. But as long as they are available, they offer better overall performance for far less money, and so they remain our top pick.


Beats Fit Pro

Flexible wings help keep this Apple-friendly pair secure in your ears. But the IPX4 water resistance may not be high enough for the most punishing activities.

If you struggle to keep true wireless earbuds in your ears, or you’re an Apple fan, the Beats Fit Pro is a worthy alternative. The Fit Pro offers easy pairing and connection swapping to iCloud-connected Apple devices, as well as noise cancellation and touch-free “Hey Siri” functionality. Like the Elite Active 75t, these earbuds are sealed to block out noise, but the hear-through mode is great for occasional situational awareness or conversations between workout sets. And the microphones provide wind and background noise reduction, so you can take a quick call, even while jogging. The Fit Pro earbuds offer physical buttons that control track skip, phone calls, and volume on Apple devices, plus some button customization and one-touch pairing on Android devices (if you download the Beats app). The Fit Pro pair sounds great, with slightly boosted bass. The six hours of listening time (with ANC on) is average, and the quick-charge feature will get you an hour of playback after five minutes in the charging case—but the case itself lacks the option for wireless charging and isn’t as small as the Jabra case. The IPX4 water-resistance rating should be enough for most activities, but the Active 75t’s IP57 rating is better for folks who mountain bike, sweat profusely, or are just tougher on their gear. Either of the Fit Pro’s earbuds can work independently, but multitaskers may miss the dual-device connectivity of the Jabra pair. Our test panel found the flexible, stabilizing wings to be comfortable and liked the extra security they provided, but anyone who is sensitive to pressure in the ear might dislike the feeling of the wings.

Budget pick

Aukey EP-T32

Stabilizing hooks help keep this true wireless pair in place, and IPX8 waterproofing protects them from moisture damage. But the low price also brings some drawbacks.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $42.

The Aukey EP-T32 is a great pair of affordable true wireless earbuds that can handle even the sweatiest workouts. The earbuds have an IPX8 rating, so you can literally drop them in a bucket of water and they’ll survive. The hook-over-the-ear design means the earbuds should stay in place whether you’re doing box jumps or handstands. The sealed design will block external gym noise to reduce distractions, but the lack of a hear-through feature means you’ll likely need to pull out an earbud to have a conversation. Seven hours of listening time per charge is enough for extended training days, and the case holds an additional four full charges. The EP-T32’s sound quality isn’t as detailed or adjustable as that of our top pick, but it is far better than you might expect for the price. And the two-year warranty from Aukey (with registration) will keep you protected should any issues arise. On the downside, the tap-based controls lack volume adjustment, the case is so large that it won’t fit in a pocket, and the microphones aren’t very sensitive, so your callers may ask you to speak up.

Also great

Koss FitClips KSC32i

The Koss FitClips KSC32i earbuds sound much better than their low price suggests, but the microphone’s quality is lacking.

Want a pair of cheap wired earbuds to stash in your gym bag? Go for the super-affordable Koss FitClips KSC32i. The hook-over-the-ear design of these workout headphones is flexible and comfortable, the sound is way better than the low price implies, and this pair has a universal single-button remote and mic. And because these earbuds are wired, you don’t have to worry about charging them, although you may need a headphone-jack adapter depending on which smartphone you use. However, the microphone on this FitClips pair isn’t fantastic for phone conversations.

Also great

The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Syryn earbuds seal out water and stay in place, even when you’re pushing off the pool wall, doing flip turns, or practicing aggressive strokes such as the butterfly. The Syryn package includes everything you need to dive right in: a waterproof MP3 player, wired earbuds (because Bluetooth doesn’t work underwater), and plenty of tips. These waterproof earbuds are unobtrusive when clipped to your goggles or suit, and the cable on the earbuds is adjustable, so you can listen comfortably in and out of the water. They’re simply the best waterproof headphones we’ve found for working out in the water.

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