TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/22-9/28)
top v. weekend picks (9/22 9/28)

TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (9/22-9/28)

1. LATIFA ALAJLAN: Under my skin

September 24, 5-7:30PM
FLXST Contemporary: 2251 S Michigan Ave

2. Nelly Agassi: No Limestone, No Marble

September 24-January 15, 2022
Chicago Cultural Center: 78 E Washington St

3. Jennifer Warren: Matters of the Dark

September 24, 6-9PM
The Martin: 2500 W Chicago Ave

4. Dance to Anything

September 24, 7-10PM
ACRE: 2349 S Oakley Ave
Sounds by: Gianni Andreatta, Jane Carver, Kioto Aoki, Lula Asplund, Matthew Sage, and Veronica Ann Salinas. Movements by: Chenhui Mao, Flor, Jasmine Mendoza, Jonas Sun, and Kezia Waters. Visuals by: Angela Inez Baldus & Mel Cook, Asya Dubrovina, Barbarita Polster, Lauren Sudbrink, Sage Dye, and Sarabeth Dunton. Texts/Readings by: Alden Burke, Breanne Trammell, Jesse Malmed, Joshi Radin, Kerry Cardoza, and Pia Singh

5. PIT STOP: A mini live art festival

September 25, 5-8PM
Ohklahomo: 2518 W Iowa St
Organized by Hot Wheelz Festival. Work by: Afriti Bankwalla with Jackson Margolis and ted, DIVINE with Cindy Néro, Carissa Pinckney, Hot Kitchen screening, Kaitlyn Albrecht with Cat Bowyer and Izah Ransohoff, Máire Witt O’Neill, Maggie Wong with Kyle Ozero, Sarah Skaggs & Constanza Mendoza

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