Unwind with Houston's who's who on new show Under the Influencer
unwind with houston's who's who on new show under the

Unwind with Houston’s who’s who on new show Under the Influencer

Pour yourself a beverage, pull up a seat, and tune in to Under The Influencer, a new Houston-based show that invites you to sit in on conversations with local leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers as they talk about a wide range of topics — sometimes comical, sometimes serious, and always interesting.

Created and hosted by Chris Buckner and Lawson Gow, and produced by Jack Brame, the show features a couple of cool twists.

For one, the guest gets to choose his or her favorite drink and everyone partakes, from regional Texas whiskey to international specialties like Argentinian fernet y coca.

Once the show has concluded, Chris and Lawson make a generous donation to the nonprofit organization of the guest’s choice.

They drink, you listen, and charities come out on top — it’s a win for everyone.

Under The Influencer is laid-back, fun, and intriguing. It’s your chance to sit and “chat” with some of Houston’s innovators and be a part of the sometimes unpredictable conversation.

The latest episode features David Gow, CEO and founder of Gow Media and Lawson’s father. Gow Media subsidiaries include CultureMap, SportsMap, InnovationMap, AutomotiveMap, ESPN 97.5 FM, and The SportsMap Radio network.

The trio delves into David’s innate inability to smell, his political aspirations, and a looming autobiography, among other topics.

Plus they talk family, David’s Forrest Gump-ian career path, and the crew conducts a blind vodka taste test that might surprise you.

Other episodes highlight Alex Gras, co-founder of Pokatok; Lydia Davies, founder of TeeMates Golf and former UK pop star known as Kyrah; and Aaron Knape, co-founder of sEATz.

To see clips and full episodes, click here, and make sure to subscribe to the channel to catch upcoming shows.

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