Voice Assistant Laundry Appliances
voice assistant laundry appliances : laundry appliance

Voice Assistant Laundry Appliances : laundry appliance

GE Profile, a division of General Electric that offers an array of luxury appliances that make use of smart home technologies, has well and truly knocked it out of the park with the introduction of top-load laundry appliances that are equipped with the Alexa voice assistant.

The ‘Top Load 900’ series comes on the heels of front load machines offered earlier. These new top-load machines comprise the first ever washing machines to be integrated with Alexa. This allows consumers to do things such as mention specific fabrics or vocalize specific types of stains, with the mashing machine then taking these factoids into consideration in order to adjust its settings. Laundry functionality aside, the ‘Top Load 900’ series of laundry appliances also let users check the weather and request songs.

With a wide array of features made possible through the SmartHQ companion app, these appliances are designed to make laundry the most enjoyable of chores.

Image Credit: GE Profile

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