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Why Smartwatches Are Better Than Smartphones

Why Smartwatches Are Better Than Smartphones

We would just like to start by saying that we know smartphones are superior in many ways, but we believe there are certain things that a smartwatch can do better. So lay those torches and pitchforks down and take the time to hear us out on this. Maybe we’ll give you some insight into an idea that you never considered before, or perhaps you’ll still want to hunt us down. Either way, here are our reasons as to why smartwatches are better than smartphones.

Easy Access

By far, the most widely accepted reason as to why smartwatches are better than smartphones is their overall convenience. With the simple flip of the wrist, you can have instant access to your whole phone. You can check the time, ask your voice assistant a question, or even play a game all while your phone remains resting in your pocket.

It also saves you from having to pull out your phone every time it vibrates to see what the notification is for. Simply check your watch, see what it is, then decide what to do about it. Depending on what it is, there’s a good chance you can handle it straight from your watch if you don’t feel like pulling your phone out to deal with it.

Since your watch is always on you, you have better access to it compared to your phone. For example, if you are getting a call but left your phone upstairs, you can answer with your watch so you don’t miss whoever is calling while you run upstairs to look for it. If you know it’ll be a quick chat, you could even have the whole conversation straight from your smartwatch.

Fitness Options

The increased amount of fitness options a smartwatch can offer to you is not to be overlooked. Many watches can track your heart rate, count your daily steps, and even monitor your sleeping habits. All of these are a gold mine of data that can help you get into shape.

Also, almost all smartwatches these days have GPS built into them. There is a multitude of things that GPS can do in a smartwatch, but the most useful aspect to its inclusion is the fitness application. No longer do you need to have your phone bouncing around in your pocket while you go for a run. Your watch can track how far you ran and much more.

It Can Be Cheaper

While we still think most people need to have a smartphone, some smartwatches are starting to become independent from phones. These few brands can work on their own and never need to connect to a smartphone. They have their own phone plans and all the options a standard cellphone would give you at a fraction of the cost.

Even though we don’t think many people would want to do this, it’s nice to have it as an option, especially for college students who can’t afford to replace their old or broken phones. Getting a smartwatch would be a decent temporary fix while you save up for your next smartphone.

As an added bonus, smartwatches are much harder to lose or break since they are always strapped to your wrist, unlike a phone. Not having to replace them as often is a huge plus. So even though we know smartphones aren’t going anywhere, we think that smartwatches are a decent alternative to them, depending on the circumstance.

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