ANDSCAPE Horoscope – Leo
your august 2022 andscape horoscope here’s what the stars have

Your August 2022 Andscape horoscope Here’s what the stars have in store for you as Leo season comes to a close

Get ready for another transformative month, y’all. August begins and ends with adjustments as Mercury enters Virgo on the 4th. There’s much to cleanse and purge while we party through Leo season. Thanks to Saturn in Aquarius opposing the Leo sun, our creative and innovative challenges are magnified by the Aquarius full moon on the 11th. What do you as an individual bring to the group that’s unique? You’ll feel more confident answering that question when Venus enters Leo that same day.

On the 20th, pay attention to the energy behind messages you send and receive as Mars enters Gemini. The U.S. has the same placement in its chart, so keep an eye on the news and prepare for mental warfare. Virgo season begins on the 22nd, closely followed by Uranus retrograde on the 24th. Review the systems and standards you use to run your life. The ground is shifting beneath us and it’s important to stay flexible and ready for whatever happens. Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, shifts into Libra on the 25th, placing our minds on our relationships and the agreements we’ve accepted. The Virgo new moon closes the month on the 27th and begs the question, what does health mean to you?

Key dates for August

  • 8/4 – Mercury enters Virgo
  • 8/5 – First quarter moon in Scorpio
  • 8/11 – Aquarius full moon, Venus enters Leo
  • 8/19 – Last quarter moon in Taurus
  • 8/20 – Mars enters Gemini
  • 8/22 – Sun enters Virgo
  • 8/24 – Uranus Retrograde
  • 8/25 – Mercury enters Libra
  • 8/27 – Virgo new moon


Happy birthday/solar return to you, Leo! (Heads-up, Jackson State coach Deion Sanders, this one’s for you.) The sun rules your sign with flair, however, this year’s celebration season hits differently because Saturn is in your opposite sign, Aquarius. For the last year, it’s been tough to blaze it up like usual. Thankfully, you have Venus on your side to enhance your visuals as the full moon brightens the link between you and your personal partnerships.

Your social life could take a curious turn midway through the month, however. You’re interested in having new conversations with different people, and boring won’t cut it. You could find it easier to be around folks who are looking to learn new skills, talents or art forms. Get reacquainted with shops and organizations available to you locally. There could be a nice contact or a sweet birthday surprise waiting for you.

As your season closes, you’re building a new value system, thanks to being rooted in the new version of yourself. Confidence has never been lacking in your world, however you’ve reached a point where it’s time to change the recipe for the sauce. Every legend has eras, switching it up is expected — ask singer Kelis.


August begins with your ruler Mercury settling into your sign. Making decisions feels much easier when you have your wits about you. Think about how you currently present yourself; does it work for you? Any edits you’d like to make?

The full moon wants to illuminate things between your work-life balance and self-sabotage. It can be easy for you to dive into work and ignore your wellness from time to time, but this time no more. Despite the drive to focus on your career, you’re going to have to come up with a new routine that saves room for your pleasure, purpose and health.

Your birthday season begins on Aug. 22 and this trip around the sun is less about returning to factory settings and more of an evolution of your systems. What is your relationship with details? What does perfect mean to you these days? Your perspective on stability is becoming more radical as time goes on. You’re learning new ways to mentally expand and it’s going to take a while to adjust.

Bask in a new beginning under your new moon on Aug. 27. You have the final say on when something is complete or up to code. Can you accept that you’re the authority on you and act accordingly?


More often than not, you can busy yourself with the role players in your life and keep it cute. But this month, it’s all about digging deep and not being afraid of what you see in the mirror. You’ve got a lot on your mind when it comes to what you want to see when you look within.

The full moon is highlighting where there’s an imbalance between your solo fun and your social life. You’ve got a fresh group of friends and associates available to you this month, but you may need to drag yourself out of a funk to get to them. Your ruler Venus being in Leo can help with the darkness rescue mission. Strike a balance between self-care and being a socialite by making the necessary adjustments to your network and your idea of creativity.

Diving into your studies and curiosities could help ease the tension felt from changing your network around. It pays to blow your own mind a bit sometimes.

On Aug. 25, Mercury moves into your sign and eases up on the criticism just a taste. Just in time for the new moon on Aug. 27, which sets up a fresh start for that ever-famous inner work. Examine what needs to be done (tasks and endings) in preparation for your birthday season in the fall.


When’s the last time you checked in with yourself and took a look at what you were striving for? All of your hopes, dreams and wishes — are they still what you want them to be? Or have they transformed like you? That’s something to consider this month as you hear fascinating stories and details about those in your social circle.

The full moon pulls on the strings connecting your private and public lives. Thanks to Venus, you’re quite popular these days and it would be smart of you to network like you mean it. What do you find the world noticing about you? What really gets the people going about you? Is that something you’re comfortable with?

Speaking of comfort, your ruler, Mars, enters Gemini on Aug. 20 and digs into what you’re truly accepting and providing in your partnerships. Perhaps there’s been some confusion on who’s doing what, but this is a great time to get some clarity.

The new moon gives the fertile foundation for you to value your relationships a bit differently this month based on what they represent. The subtle shifts you’ve sensed will soon bubble to the surface; be patient as they won’t feel as subtle when they hit.


Work, work, work, work, work, that’s all anyone wants to talk about right now. Well … that’s what’s up these days, so it is what it is. Your adoring public is interested in what you have going on, so what do you have to say to them (if anything)?

You may find some words after the full moon, which wants to show you where you still have room to learn and teach. This is not an either-or thing, it’s more of a both-and. Often you can be attached to being the professor, however, you’re being called to commit to the life of a confident student for a little longer. Venus will bring you plenty of creatives and stars to learn from, and perhaps even frolic with.

Partnerships could get a little hectic or find their natural end come the 20th. Be mindful of any anger or irritation that arises; there are some riddles you need to solve.

By month’s end, you’re seeing your network and your goals in a new light. The new moon wants to help you process your professional journey and gather the documents you need to take it to the next level. Don’t let your craving for an adventure keep you from mapping out your next steps.


Taking your teachings to another level is on the menu this month. Have your rituals and routines made room for who you’re becoming, or is it just about who you’ve been? Who would you like to be? Don’t be afraid to build yourself anew.

The full moon looks to illuminate the connection between your self-esteem and the shared resources of your bonds. How generous are your partners? Do they enhance or reduce your confidence? After you deal with someone (personally or professionally), do you feel energized or used?

On Aug. 20, you may find that your workload increases and it’s time to rethink the way you’ve done things. Inject some variety into your schedule, even if it’s a 30-minute block in your calendar that says “fun.” Your sense of what’s pleasurable and stable is changing. How comfy are you with experimenting with new flavors and sensations?

Virgo season and its new moon put you in the mood to preach and teach. Save some of the speeches for the people; they’re ready to hear what the legend has to say. Alternatively, you could be searching for spiritual guidance and discipline in an effort to secure some answers. Remember that prayer doesn’t have to be perfect, just genuine.


After last month’s daily routine gauntlet, you’re looking to have a good time for a long time. Your creativity is calling — will you answer or nah? Pump some energy into the things that make you smile like it’s second grade or blush on the best date. Make plans to travel or study international locations and topics that call to you.

Your sign’s ruler, Saturn, remains retrograde until Scorpio season begins, so boundary work is on the menu for a while. Speaking of boundaries, the Aquarius full moon wants to highlight who you are when you’re committed to someone or something. For all of the I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T rah-rah, you actually like being boo’d up when you’re (accepting of) being treated like a star. Who lights you up personally or professionally? Get social, maybe even host a gathering and soak up the brilliance of your loved ones.

Establish a new definition and practice of intimacy with the Virgo new moon. Quiet as it’s kept, you want someone (or a gig) who encourages you to be fly, paid and free. Whether you’re dating, befriending or negotiating, make clarity your best friend. In the past, were there details you overlooked or questions you forgot to ask your (potential) partner? The conversations ahead need to be constructive and you best prepare your tools.


August finds you with your mind on partnerships and service. As our resident recovering over-lover, it’s helpful to check in and see where your love and sacrifice levels are. What can you do to make your workspace a lovelier experience?

The full moon wants to point out where self-sabotage could be ruining your relationship with your wellness as well as romance. Leo in Venus helps soothe some of the sharpness of the moon and asks the question, what value do creativity and passion have in your daily life. Who are you surrounded by most often?

Gemini in Mars stimulates the urge to handle things with home and family. Perhaps you’re feeling irritated by a conversation with/about a parent. Write to sort through your feelings and memories. You may be surprised at what you find.

Virgo season plus the new moon equal a stark analysis of your preferred personal relationships. How healthy are your bonds these days? If you need to switch up the beat, you’re well within your rights. Some conversations can’t live in the astral — tell them where they’ve got you messed up, in detail. At the end of the month when you’ve sorted your love life a bit, you’ll be ready to get this money right and tight.


The month kicks off with the task of mastering your health and your schedule. Are you getting the most out of your day or are you just doing the most? It’s known that doing is your thing, but August calls for you to think about what you’re doing and why. You’re familiar as ever with a fun time, but where’s the joy? When’s the last time you let those creative juices flow?

The Aquarius full moon wants to make you aware of the fun you’re having at the circus and who the key performers are. If there’s a show you no longer want to see in your partnerships, you have to adjust the script, players, etc. Are there any edits you need to make to your network? Your ruler Mars enters Gemini midmonth and helps with the process, which won’t be easy at first.

Virgo season begins shortly after and your daily life begins to ramp up. What are you filling your time with? What’s the fruit of your labor lately?

The end of the month finds you thinking about the harmony (or lack thereof) in your partnerships. What have you found yourself agreeing to do on autopilot? Your perspective of your routine versus the actual results is important to note.


This month, the flirt in you will be awakened. You could find yourself reading more romance novels or simply taking inventory of how much you’re being adored. If you need more attention, this month is the time for you to speak up and get what you want.

The full moon calls up the tension between your home life and the outside world. Family and finances get more of your mental focus when your ruler Venus enters Leo. If you’ve been missing your people back home, reach out to them and see what’s up.

Mind your money, as those little luxuries add up. You’ll be inclined to spend more on your house than usual, so make sure there’s a list or relative limit involved. Uranus backing up again could shake you up in a way you may not be ready for, however the recalibration is much needed. As you evolve, so will your pleasures.

The new moon provides a clean slate when it comes to creativity and connecting with the kids in your life and inside of you. Where is the fun in your world? When’s the last time you did something that made you joyous instead of nervous? Gather the things that stabilize your confidence.


Your roots will be at the forefront of your mind at the start of your month. What did the parental figures in your life teach you about processing or saving information? How has that impacted you? This question, and many others, will guide you to a new understanding of self and your upbringing.

The full moon wants to show you something new about your neighborhood. Perhaps it’s time to let go of what you thought you knew about it and give it a chance to be something else entirely. Socialize in those local spots that excite you and make you feel like a star. All study and no play can make you duller than you ever care to be.

Mars entering your sign on the 20th provides an energy boost as well as insight into what’s riling you up. How can you rid yourself of irritating thoughts? Virgo season reinforces the need to have a fresh start with family. If you’ve been thinking about starting a family of your own, you’re ready to set a new standard at the new moon. Get clear on what traditions you want to keep, evolve or trash. Extra points if you create a working budget for all of this family fun.


It’s a fine time to give your ideas something to do. Your challenge is to resist the urge to remain stuck — in all thought processes, relationships and notions about who you are. It’s time to be a deeper student of self, including the version of you when someone’s in your innermost circle.

The full moon highlights the tension or harmony between how you value yourself and the fruit of your bonds. What do you offer to and receive from your partnerships? How does this affect your confidence and creativity? Who has room for your boldness? Do you have space for it?

Sign up for any workshops, seminars or local attractions that intrigue you. Don’t be afraid to gather a larger network; you’ll need it moving forward as Uranus flips the table on the 24th. You are slowly transforming your once rock-solid goals as you surprise yourself with what you’re accomplishing at this pace.

This will also impact your daily routine as you discover that you could use a little more adventure on the regular. Perhaps you want to explore new shops or consider adding short trips back to your rotation. They could inspire you to bring a new aesthetic to your home as a way to keep the vibe going.

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